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stovax studio 1 ecodesign with edge+ frame and grey trim

Stovax Studio 1 Ecodesign with Edge+ frame and grey trim

New to the Stovax Studio Edge range is the Stovax Studio 1 Ecodesign with Edge + inset wood burning fire. This fire provides a similarly frameless ‘hole in the wall’ fire look. Therefore, this fire offers the additional benefit of a more simplified finishing process.

In addition, a slim profile decorative frame, crafted from 1mm thick steel, overlays the finished wall surface. This provides a perfectly crisp finish around the installation opening.

With a complementary Matt Black finish, the Stovax Studio 1 Ecodesign Edge + inset fire is a sophisticated and functional styling option that simply lets the Studio’s impressive wood burning flame picture provide all the aesthetic appeal!

Seen here with an edge+ frame and grey trim.

Fire Size Nominal Heat
Output & Range
Max log lengths Frame dimensions mm
(wxhxd) Edge
Frame dimensions mm
(wxhxd) Edge ‘Cool Wall’
Energy Efficiency Class
Studio 1 5.0kW (1.7-7kW) 300mm (12”) 743 x 421* 743 x 428* A
Stovax studio 1 eco freestanding

Stovax Studio 1 Eco Freestanding

The Stovax Studio 1 Eco Freestanding incorporates the impressive firebox performance of a wood burning inset fire. This provides the welcoming presence of a stove. Furthermore, this stove is available with a number of optional extras. These help you create the right look for your home. The Stovax Studio 1 Eco Freestanding wood burning stove can be hearth mounted or installed on a Studio Bench. In addition, you can fit an optional heat shield kit to the bench. This reduces the distance to combustible materials if required.

Other styling options include a black glass top plate, gloss black enamel flue pipe as well as a square section flue covers and flue ring covers. All of which are designed to provide an integrated and cohesive look to your new stove.

stovax chesterfield 5 woodburning ecodesign stove

Stovax Chesterfield 5 woodburning Ecodesign

The Stovax Chesterfield 5 Woodburning Ecodesign stove is a great fit for either fireplaces or freestanding against a wall. Designed around our triple airflow combustion systems, these elegant convector stoves deliver exceptional heating performance. This delivers whether you choose a dedicated wood burning or multi-fuel version. Both versions feature the range’s convector design to reduce distance to combustibles and enhance heating capability.

The Stovax Chesterfield 5 woodburning has been independently verified as SIA EcoDesign Ready, meeting and exceeding EcoDesign air quality standards. Therefore, thanks to their urban area approval, these advanced stoves are exempt from DEFRA Smoke Control Areas. Hence, they are suitable for your home whether you live in the town or country.

This wood burning and multi-fuel stove is available in a wider format: the Chesterfield 5 Wide.

Gazco Vogue Midi T highline electric with log & peadle fuel effects

Gazco Vogue Midi T Highline Electric

The Gazco Vogue Midi T High-line Electric is part of the Vogue Midi range. This range represents the latest innovation in electric stove design creating deep, captivating 3D flame effects with incredible realism. Above all, Gazco’s Chromalight® Immersive LED technology lets you independently control flame and ember bed lighting effects. Therefore, you can create the perfect ambiance in virtually any part of the home. This is all possible at the touch of a button with the range’s advanced Eco remote control.

The Vogue Midi is offered in two models including the taller mid-line version. You can stack this version with logs to add to the authentic wood fire display. Furthermore, there is a choice of fuel beds including logs, pebbles and crystal ice-effects which come with each stove. Therefore, you can mix and match to create a truly bespoke display. The vogue is also stove bench compatible.

Gazco’s programmable thermostatic Eco remote provides complete control over the stoves visuals. In addition, you can schedule heating to suit your lifestyle. Moreover, innovative energy saving features ensure the vogue midi runs as efficiently as possible.

KEY FACTS – Gazco Vogue Midi T

Heat Output – Up to 1.5kW ambient heating
Three-sided view for panoramic flame visuals
Chromalight® Immersive LED systems
14 Different fuel bed lighting settings
Three different flame options: Amber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent
Four stove options including log store base and wall mounted models.
Flames and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without the heat
Thermostatic Eco remote control for ambient heating
Open window detection efficiency feature
Innovative energy savings features make the Vogue Midi T compliant with Ecodesign energy product standards

Model                  A             B               C              D              E               F              G
Midi T                  418mm   348mm   776mm   474mm   306mm   221mm   302mm
Midi T Midline    418mm   348mm   927mm   474mm   306mm   372mm   302mm
Midi T Highline   418mm   348mm  1260mm  474mm   306mm   704mm   302mm

Gazco Vogue Midi Electrical

Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas

Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove

The Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove combines the traditional aesthetic of a wood burner with the convenience of a gas stove. Beautifully designed, the Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove features cast iron bevelling and cornicing to the door, top plate and base. This provides a quality you can appreciate even when your gas stove is not in use.

Beneath the carefully crafted exterior of this Sheraton 5, our latest high efficiency gas flame technology offers an authentic display. Richly detailed logs and ceramic stones create the appearance of burning embers. This creates the look of a realistic wood burning fire.

The Sheraton’s firebox lining contains our EchoFlameTM Black Glass Lining to enhance the visual depth and clarity. This is created by flames being reflected on the interior panelling to increase the viewing angles of your fire.

Manufactured with the latest of gas fire innovation, the Sheraton 5 gas stove has a fully-sequential thermostatic control system. This allows you to ignite your gas stove in a matter of seconds. In addition, it provides the ability to fully master and adjust flame height with the touch of a button.

Designed for two models, the Conventional flue and the Balanced flue. This stove is accessible even if you don’t have a chimney in your home. The Sheraton 5 Gas Stove provides you with the option of using either LPG and NG.

The Sheraton 5 is also available as wood burning and multi-fuel models.

Gazco Riva 2 600 Designio 2 glass with Ecoflame Black glass lining

Gazco Riva2 600 Designio2 Glass with Eco flame

The Gazco Riva2 600 Designio2 is a hole-in-the-wall edge fire. This fire integrates seamlessly with your interior. It is available in both natural gas and LPG versions. For added presence, sophisticated glass and steel framing options let you further customize your fire. Therefore creating a statement focal point. Above all, this gas fire boasts a 5kW output with a high efficiency of 80.5%. In addition to stylish glass and steel framing options, you have various lining options including echo-flame black glass. Furthermore, you have the option of a programmable thermostatic remote control.



Eco-design Ready stoves

Good News

There has been plenty of recent publicity surrounding wood burning stoves. Energy efficiency, carbon reduction and air quality are among the key issues facing us today. Eco-design Ready stoves meet these challenges. To maximize the benefits of an Eco-design Ready stove, only wood with a moisture content below 20% should be burnt. With an Eco-design Ready stove you can be confident you are reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, you are also helping to improve air quality. This is a result of using the best emissions and efficiency technology available.


Ecodesign is a new European wide programme to lower emissions and improve air quality. Ecodesign Ready stoves are the most environmentally friendly stoves available today and benefit from Low particle emissions. 90% better than open fires and 80- 84% better than older stoves. It will become mandatory for all Stoves to be Ecodesign ready by 2022.  Fenton Fires are Ecodesign Ready now and source all our stoves from quality manufacturers who are Ecodesign Ready now.