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Chesneys Outdoor living

Chesneys – Outdoor Living

We have a beautiful range of Outdoor Stoves and Barbeques to suit all tastes. Chesneys Elegant dual function Heater Barbeques are environmentally friendly outdoor heaters and cooking appliances. These stoves can to adapted to Grill, Smoke, Roast, Bake or cook a Pizza. We would encourage you to get out in the Garden and enjoy the fresh air while abiding by the current Covid 19 safety advice.

This award-wining range of wood burning stoves not only look beautiful, but also employ the very latest technology to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, with minimal emissions.

Models Available – Chesneys – Outdoor Living
Clean Burn – Outdoor wood Burning stove.
Heat & Grill – Dual-function heater barbecue. For 6-8 people.
Garden Gourmet – Larger dual-function heater barbecue. Large enough to cook for 10-12.

Chesneys Clandon Bolection Frame

Chesneys Clandon Bolection Frame Fireplace

For a contemporary fireplace that errs on the side of traditional, choose the Chesneys Clandon Bolection frame fireplace. A fine example of bolection molding popularized by Christopher Wren in the 17th century, delicate proportions and soft architectural curves are its standout features. Carved from crisp limestone, this elegant white fire surround is an ideal choice for contemporary interiors in need of a sophisticated centerpiece. Couple with a wood burning stove for the perfect fireside aesthetic.

PRODUCT DATA Chesneys Clandon Bolection Frame Fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 50 1/4” (1275) W X 43 1/8” (1094) H
OPENING – 36” (914) W X 36” (914) H
DEPTH OF JAMB – 6” (152)

Chesneys Kent

Chesneys Kent Bolection Fireplace

For an interior that’s both restful and welcoming, exchange the clutter for the smooth rounded moulding of the Chesneys Kent Bolection fireplace. An elegant example of bolection, a moulding style popularized by Christopher Wren, this sophisticated chimney piece complements stylish interiors with its elegance. If you wish to embrace the ‘less is more’ philosophy in your home, then this Italian-inspired contemporary chimney piece will add warmth, light and vibrancy to chic, modern interiors.

PRODUCT DATA – Chesneys Kent Bolection Fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 60″ (1524MM) W X 50″ (1270MM) H
OPENING – 40″ (1016MM) W X 40″ (1016MM) H
SHELF – 60″ (1524MM) L X 2″ (50MM) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 1/4″ (132MM)
DEPTH OF REBATE – 1 1/8″ (30MM)

Chesneys Alhambra

Chesneys Alhambra Fireplace

The Chesneys Alhambra fireplace balances traditional and contemporary design. Like the exquisite royal palace and fortress it is named after, the Alhambra is larger in size than most other fire surrounds. Its grand and imposing architectural form frames an open fire beautifully and looks at home in both period and modern interiors. For those in search of crisp minimalism in a chimney piece, this contemporary design adds warmth and an inviting ambiance.

PRODUCT DATA – Chesneys Alhambra fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 59 1/4″ (1504MM) W X 50 7/8″ (1290MM) H
OPENING – 38″ (965MM) W X 38″ (965MM) H
SHELF – 63″ (1600MM) L X 9″ (228MM) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 7 1/8″ (180MM)

Chesneys Burlington

Chesneys Burlington Fireplace

The Chesneys Burlington fireplace strikes the perfect balance between a classic and contemporary fireplace design. Clean, geometric lines and balanced proportions are standout features of this modern fireplace. Expertly crafted from high-quality limestone, the classic white fire surround is elegant yet understated. Therefore, this fireplace leaves room for your own interior style. With its timeless design, this piece is a fine addition to both minimal and traditional interiors.

To conclude;

PRODUCT DATA – Chesneys Burlington fireplace
OVERALL SIZE m – 52” (1321mm) W x 48 1/8” (1220mm) H
OPENING – 36” (915mm) W x 36” (915mm) H
SHELF – 60 1/8” (1525mm) L x 8 7/8” (224mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 1/2” (140mm)
HEIGHT OF FOOTBLOCK – 5 1/8” (130mm)

Chesneys Devonshire & Beaumont

Chesneys Devonshire Fireplace

The Chesneys Devonshire fireplace in limestone is a new addition to Chesneys’ contemporary fireplace range. For cleaner interior styles, this chic fire surround embraces the beauty of simplicity with sleek lines and perfect proportions. Accented with crisp detailing tapering down to the pilasters, this modern fireplace has a timeless, elegant charm found only in more contemporary models. Featuring a classic, symmetrical silhouette, the Devonshire looks right at home in a range of interiors — modern or period.

PRODUCT DATA – Chesneys Devonshire Fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 53 1/4” (1354mm) W x 47 1/4” (1201mm) H
OPENING – 38” (965mm) W x 38” (965mm) H
SHELF – 59 1/2” (1511mm) L x 9” (230mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 3/4” (145mm)

Chesneys Madison

Chesneys Madison Fireplace

For a modern fireplace with classical influences, choose The Chesneys Madison Fireplace. The newest addition to the Chesney’s contemporary fireplace collection, this beautiful fire surround features elegant tapering pilasters, strong bed moulding and a generous mantel shelf — perfect for displaying your prize possessions. With exquisite smooth finishing, this model lends itself to both modern and period interiors. Available in two model sizes, The Madison will feel right at home in the largest or cosiest of rooms.

PRODUCT DATA Chesneys Madison Fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 56 3/8” (1432mm) W x 45 1/8” (1146mm) H
OPENING – 38” (965mm) W x 38” (965mm) H
SHELF – 62” (1575mm) L x 9 1/2” (241mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 6 3/4” (171mm)
HEIGHT OF FOOTBLOCK – 5 1/2” (140mm)

Charnwood Aire 3 closeup

Charnwood Aire 3

The Charnwood Aire 3 is a revolutionary new wood burning stove.

This British made stove is an exciting addition to our Aire collection. With an output of 3 kW, the Aire 3 is perfect for smaller spaces. Not just for conventional houses – but for cabins, yurts and tiny homes.

With an efficiency of around 84%, it has all the features of both the Aire 5 and Aire 7; large ceramic glass window, single air control for easy use, cool-to-touch handle for safe reloading but perhaps best of all it meets all the criteria set for Ecodesign 2022.

The Charnwood Aire 3 will be available from September 2020

The Aire 3 is incredibly easy to operate (one simple push/pull control) and incorporates ground breaking technology ensuring you get the very best efficiency from the fuel burnt. It features a sliding ash bed for clean ash removal and a cool-to-touch handle for easy reloading. As one of the cleanest, greenest stoves on the market today the Aire 3 sets the benchmark for clean burn stove technology.

Materials: Cast Iron, sheet steel, firebrick lining, ceramic glass
Output: 3 kW
Low Stand: Height: 500 Width: 384 Depth: 344mm
Store Stand: Height: 610 Width: 384 Depth: 344mm
Colour options: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Gunmetal, Pewter, Almond, Bronze