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Onyx Fusion 150RW

Onyx Fusion 150RW Electric

The Onyx Fusion 150RW electric fire, is a game-changer in the world of modern fireplaces! With its stunning visual technology and innovative features, the Fusion is set to transform your living space, offering a luxurious centrepiece ideal for impressive media walls.

Authentic Flame Technology
At the heart of the Onyx Fusion 150RW is breathtaking Authentic Flame Technology. This crystal-clear display uses real flame imagery and offers an array of settings, from a traditional, flickering fire with sparks and wisps of smoke above, through to an elegant, swaying flame reminiscent of a gas fire and more contemporary, vivid flame effects. With an array of customisable visuals, you can set the perfect ambience for your home and mood.

The Chromalight® Plus LED system is subtly integrated into the fire, bringing the Fusion to life. Lifelike Birch Log-effects glow from within to enhance the fire’s authenticity, with a crystalline textured base illuminating them from underneath for a mesmerising effect.

Fusion Electric Fires Features
– Can be installed as a single-sided, two-sided corner, or three-sided fire
–  Lifelike Birch log-effect
– Fuel bed uplighting with 8 colours, plus spectrum mode
– Internal log lighting with 8 colours, plus spectrum mode
– Optional Mood Lighting System with 13 colours, plus spectrum mode
– Downlighting with 2 colour options
– 16 flame options
– Adjustable brightness of all visual settings
– Crystalline textured base
– Thermostatic Eco Remote Control
– App control on iOS and Android devices*
– 9 Quick Start Pre-sets (3 of which can be customised and saved)
– Up to 2kW programmable heating
– Ecodesign Energy Saving Features
– Flames can be enjoyed with or without the heat


Chesneys-OutDoor Heater/BBQ

Chesneys-OutDoor Heater/BBQ

Chesneys-OutDoor Heater/BBQ.  IN STOCK -available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.I f you are looking for a top quality Chesneys Outdoor Wood Burning Stove and BBQ combined or a stand alone Outdoor Stove, Fenton Fires is your One Stop Shop. WE have the Chesneys Garden Gourmet, the Chesneys Heat & Grill , the Chesneys Clean Burn and the Chesneys Clean Burn XL.

Morso Grill 71

Morsø Grill ’71.

Morsø Grill ’71.- Iconic cast iron grill, designed by Morsø in 1971 and has been produced ever since. Everyone knows the famous grill that taught the Danes to grill and, with its 44 years behind it, stands with classical appearance and enhances the patio.

The grill grate for Morsø Grill ’71 is made of solid enamelled cast iron to ensure perfect grilling. If the grill becomes too hot, Grill ´71 makes it quick and easy to swing the grate out off the coal pit and away from the heat.

A cast iron grate is rustic and robust and has many advantages. Firstly, the cast iron grill retains the heat for a long time and distributes it evenly over the whole surface. Secondly, the grate consists of many small pores that absorb flavours and fats optimally – leading to unsurpassed results. In addition the grate gives the meat a perfect and characteristic grilling pattern.

The grate is easy to clean and needs minimal maintenance, however, it is always a good idea to clean the grate after use and coat it with neutral cooking oil. This makes cleaning easier every time and extends the lifetime of the grate.

Material: Cast iron
Dimensions: Ø33 × H71,5 cm – including stainless steel screen
Weight: 13 kg