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Stuv 6-45x55

STÛV 6-IN 46X55

STÛV 6-IN 46X55
 – On display in our showrooms –
Boasting both a wide view of the fire and a compact frame, the Stûv 6 wood-burning insert can easily be installed in any kind of chimney.
To replace an older insert, or to give your hearth some meaning, the Stûv 6 will give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution.
Attractive, ecological and economical, this insert will make your fireplace useful, authentic and full of life: the essential fire.

With its high level of efficiency and incredibly low fine particle emissions, the Stûv 6 performs better than the requirements stipulated by the Ecodesign standard for 2022. Replacing your old insert with a Stûv 6 means using half the wood and dividing the quantity of pollution produced by 25. For the same amount of heat, and a more enjoyable experience.
Stuv6 Performance

There are four finishings available:
1 – Thin overhanging frame: allows you to reduce the depth of the housing to 35cm (including fan)
2 – Thin frame
3 – Applied frame 4 sides: covers the material that makes up the partition all the way around. Made up of 2 elements that fit inside each other, you can adjust the depth according to the
4 – Applied frame 3 sides: offers the same benefits as the 4-sided frame, but with the option of having a base.

The Stûv 6-in is available in 7 sizes:
• Stûv 6-in 46×55: Width 46cm x height 55cm – output between 4 and 7 kW
• Or Stûv 6-in 56×50: Width 56cm x height 50cm – output between 4 and 8 kW
• Stûv 6-in 66×50: Width 66cm x height 50cm – output between 5 and 9 kW
• Or Stûv 6-in 66×55: Width 66cm x height 55cm – output between 5 and 9 kW
• Stûv 6-in 76×55: Width 76cm x height 55cm – output between 6 and 10 kW
• OR Stûv 6-in 76×60: Width 76cm x height 60cm – output between 7 and 11 kW
• Stûv 6-in 86×60: Width 86cm x height 60cm – output between 8 and 13 kW

Fenton fires Christmas window 2022

Christmas is Coming!

Bring the little ones to see the Christmas window and while you are here you can pick up your accessories  –  some lovely baskets to store your kiln dried wood beside your fire – lots of sizes available, some with hessian linings and others with wheels. It could make a lovely Christmas present.  Also available  –  fire screens and fire accessories along with glass cleaners.

While you are here you will see the huge variety of fire we have on display- Wood burning, Gas and Electric.

Our moving Christmas window
IMG_1026 moving window 2022

Morso 4412 woodburner

Morso 4412 Woodburning Stove

The Morso 4412 Woodburning Stove is a member of the 4400 Series.
It is a popular addition to Morso’s range of steel stoves, the 4400 series offers a unique large landscape door with a panoramic view of the firebox and flame picture.

Developed with the UK / Irish market specifically in mind the 4400 offers sleek clean lines.  It will compliment any living space where style and comfort go hand in hand. The addition of a functional “magnetic” locking mechanism and a variety of base/leg options makes the 4400 the perfect choice for any modern stove enthusiast.

The 4400 series is Ecodesign 2022 compliant and also offers the added convenience of an optional outside air kit.

Radiant Heat
Pre-heated combustion air
Pre-heated secondary air supply
Ash Can
Airwash system
Tertiary Air
Secondary airsupply
Ecodesign 2022

Energy Performance Labelling A
Rated Output (kw) 5
Heats (m2) 60 – 120
Height (mm) 587
Width (mm) 531
Dept (mm) 341
Flue outlet top Ø 125
Flue outlet rear Ø 125
Weight (kg) 85
Chamber Width (cm) 40
Rear (mm) 200
Sides (mm) 450

Dimensions of the Morso 4412 Woodburning Stove

Morso S11-42 wood burner

Morso S11-42 wood burning

The elegant, simple design of the Morso S11-42 wood burning stove really shines.

Covering almost the entire front with its large, softly curved glass area, the stove door is a perfect expression of mood and provides a view into the warming flames.

S11-42 is convection stove with 4 legs.

Convection System
Pre-heated combustion air
Pre-heated secondary air supply
Ash Can
Airwash system
Tertiary Air
Ecodesign 2022

Energy Performance Labelling Energimærkning
Rated Output (kw) 4
Height (mm) 585
Width (mm) 368
Dept (mm) 343
Flue outlet top Ø 125
Flue outlet rear Ø 125
Weight (kg) 61
Chamber Width (cm) 25
Rear (mm) 240
Sides (mm) 320

DIMENSIONS of the Morso S11-42 wood burning stove
Morso S11-42 wood burning

Gazco eReflex 195 Rw

Gazco eReflex 195RW Electric

Gazco eReflex 195RW Electric Fires
As the largest in the range, the mesmerising Gazco eReflex 195RW electric fire is capable of delivering the perfect media wall centrepiece. Equipped with Gazco’s state-of-the-art Chromalight® technology at your fingertips.  Available with a choice of highly-realistic oak log effect or crystal ice effect, this spectacular electric fire elevates the level of ambience to all new levels. Using the innovative app or Thermostatic Eco Remote Control, you’ll not only be able to turn on or off the heat independently of the display, but have full control over the array of immersive lighting options available, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Designed to be the perfect centrepiece to sit front and centre as part of a media wall.  The eReflex 195RW is easily configurable as a single-sided or multi-sided electric fire. To further enhance your space, an optional mood lighting kit is available which can be placed around your TV or shelves.  It will bathe them in your choice of 13 vibrant colours, or the steadily changing spectrum mode.

Gazco eReflex 195RW Electric Fires-Key Facts
Heat Output : Up to 2kW ambient heating
Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote control
App control on iOS and Android devices*
Chromalight® LED System
Three different flame options : Amber, Amber with Blue Accent, and Blue
Choice of fuel effects : Oak Log-effect or Crystal Ice Effect
Optional Mood Lighting System
Flame and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without heat
Can be easily configured as a three-sided, two-sided, or single-sided fire
Pulsing glowing embers for realism
Up to 2kW programmable heating
Eight fuel bed lighting colours, plus cycling spectrum mode
Ecodesign Energy Saving Features

A : 1955mm   B : 380mm   C : 1973mm  D :  1983mm   E : 408mm  F :  111mm G : 398mm  H :  67mm  I :  575mm  J :  252mm   K : 1967mm  L :  272mm
Gazco eReflex Dimensions 85-150

Chesneys Metro Arabescato Corchia

Chesneys – Special Materials Collection

 Chesneys – Special Materials Collection
A collection of rare and beautiful natural marbles for the manufacture of fireplaces.

Chesneys have assembled a selection of beautiful marbles in response to the growing popularity of rare and unusual materials in the design of fireplaces, The are  chosen carefully for their wide range of colour and striation, to form The Special materials Collection.

These marbles range in appearance from the jewel-rich tones of Breche de Vendomme and Anatolian Lilac to the timeless monochromatic hues of Pele Tigre and Turchino Striato.

As no two blocks of marble from the one quarry are ever the same. A fireplace commissioned from the Chesneys  Special Materials Collection will be both unique in its appearance and will provide a striking and sophisticated focus in the design of any room.

Any fire surround in the Chesneys range can be fabricated to order from these special materials.  Included (to the left) are a series of images of some of the more architectural designs that they offer. They provide an ideal canvass to display these beautiful materials.

Also included are images  of the stocked materials for which pricing is readily available.

These are the materials that Chesneys work in and they are naturally beautiful. But please remember that every block of stone or marble is unique.  These images are only intended as a guide to the appearance of the material in question. From time to time some of the rarer marbles may not be available from the quarry so supply cannot always be guaranteed.

Materials requiring confirmation of availability and price