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Woodburning Fires

Stoves Woodburning Ecodesign freestanding & Built in – explore our wide range of wood burning & multi-fuel stoves & Inserts.  Our stoves and inserts are of the highest quality and are sourced from suppliers across Europe such as Barbas, Charnwood, Chesneys, Contura, Dovre, Jotul, Nordpeis, Rais, Rocal, Stovax, Stuv, Scan & Yeoman. We have a large selection of Eco- design ready stoves which meet the new 2022 EU standards. These stoves are designed to reduce particulate matter emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely.

  • Built in & Insert Woodburning & Multifuel Fires
    Built in & Insert Woodburning & Multifuel Fires providing you with high efficiency heating and creating warmth and atmosphere at the heart of your home.
  • Ecodesign Stoves & Inserts
    Ecodesign Stoves & Inserts from Fenton Fires are the most environmentally friendly stoves available today lowering emissions & improving air quality.
  • Suspended & Wall Hung Fires
    Suspended & Wall Hung Fires from Fenton Fires provide a contemporary focal point for modern open plan living Ecodesign ready.
  • Woodburning & Multifuel Stoves
    Woodburning and multifuel stoves from Fenton Fires are Ecodesign ready freestanding stoves in colours, styles and output to suit your lifestyle.
  • Woodburning Double Sided & Tunnel Fires
    Woodburning double sided & tunnel fires from Fenton Fires come from quality manufacturers across Europe and are Ecodesign ready.
  • Woodburning Two & Three sided Fires
    Fenton Fires Woodburning Two & Three sided Fires come from quality manufacturers and are Ecodesign ready to ensure low carbon emmissions.