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Chesneys Blenheim Fireplace

The Chesneys Blenheim Fireplace is a grand fireplace in the style of William Chambers. It has fluted pilasters with Ionic capitals and a frieze which incorporates a central tablet with an urn and foliage.

Steeped in culture and charm, Georgian fireplaces are a reminder of the class, elegance and romance of this seminal period of British history. From the stately homes and landed gentry of Jane Austen’s seminal works, to the romantic poetry of Lord Byron, these antique fire surround designs are distinguished by their exquisite symmetry and proportion. The silhouettes of these chimney-pieces take inspiration from the finest examples of the neoclassical period, and from Ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

Chesneys Blenheim Fireplace

OVERALL SIZE – 67 3/4″ (1719mm) W x 55 7/8″ (1419mm) H
OPENING – 45 1/4″ (1149mm) W x 42 1/8″ (1070mm) H
SHELF -77 1/2″ (1968mm) L x 8″ (203mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 3/4″ (146mm)
HEIGHT OF FOOTBLOCK – 6 3/4″ (170mm)