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Contura i8

The Contura i8 offers you multiple options for creating a unique look in your home. The cassette comes in a range of designs with sidelights on both sides, or on just the right or left side.  You can choose a door with a cast-iron frame (i8) for a robust and subtle look, or a glass frame (i8G) that emphasises the generous glass door and sidelights.

Thanks to its sidelights, the new Contura i8 displays its fire from many angles. It produces an even heat and burns with outstanding efficiency. Our Clean Burning System spreads the heat across the inside of the glass, which helps to keep it cleaner. The Contura is a high-quality product, made in Sweden and guaranteed to give years of pleasure.

Dimensions: Contura i8/i8G
Height: 530mm
Width: 735mm
Depth: 365mm
Net Weight: 100kg
Energy class, space heating: A
Max.log lenght: 50cm
Max. heating surface (m2):120
Output: 7kw
Efficiency: 77%