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Element 4 Sky O Outdoor Gas Fire

The Element4 Sky O Outdoor Gas Fire is ideal if you want to sit comfortably outside and enjoy the extra long summer evenings on your terrace or balcony.

This new collection includes a range of fireplaces such as front fireplaces, see-through fireplaces and club fireplaces. All these involve LED technology. With our new collection of outdoor fireplaces, you are assured of beautiful design and optimum ease of use. In addition, this collection is easy to maintain and space-saving. This is a result of the minimal installation depth of just 25 centimetres. With an Element4 gas fireplace you always benefit from the most beautiful fire on a low setting.


– Atmospheric flame picture, even on a low setting!
– This gas fire is suitable for a smaller garden or terrace.
– Your outdoor fireplace can be operated with your Smartphone or tablet from wherever you are sitting.


Our collection of outdoor fireplaces are available with different rear walls. These include a black glass rear wall or a classic rear wall with a nostalgic stone motif. In addition, you can have the outdoor fireplace equipped with anti-reflective glass. As a result, this prevents the annoying glare from incidental light rays and is virtually invisible. Even when the outdoor fireplace is switched off, you cannot see the glass. The Element4 outdoor fireplace comes standard with a wood set as a fuel bed. This realistic wood set consists of large and small fake branches made of ceramic. This ceramic is specially intended for use in the gas fireplace. You can also choose other materials such as: white Carrara pebbles, white stones or grey.

Outdoor models in the Element 4 range include the Element 4 Sky O Outdoor Gas Fire, the Element 4 Sky T O Outdoor Gas fire – double sided, the Element 4 Club 140 0 Outdoor Gas fire, the Element 4 Modore 140 0 Outdoor Gas fire and the Element 4 Modore 75H 0 Outdoor Gas Fire

Element 4 SKY O Outdoor Gas Fire Burner: Double burner
Type of fireplace: Outdoor fires
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G25: 2,7 – 10,8 kW
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G20: 2,7 – 10,8 kW
Net propane capacity (min-max) G31: 2,6 – 10,3 kW
Efficiency: 86%
Black steel: (Standard)
Black glass: (Optional)
Connect to home automation: (Optional)
Operation via app: (Optional)
Power-fan: (Optional)
Anti-reflective glass: (Optional)
Control panel: (Optional)
Wall switch: (Optional)
Remote control: (Standard)
Convection schedule (s): (Optional)
Puck: (Optional)