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Jotul F400 Woodburning Stove

Description – 

Jøtul F400 is one of the largest cast iron wood stoves on the Norwegian market, with room for logs of up to 50 cm. This model has a large external ash removal solution which facilitates convenient emptying of the ashes. The ash lip catches ashes and sparks that may accidentally fall out of the combustion chamber. The wood stove has a large glass door that provides a perfect view of the burning logs and is embellished with a pattern that outlines part of the Norwegian coastline. Jøtul F400 is available in maintenance free enamel or black paint.

  • Can burn 50 cm long logs
  • External ash removal solution and ash lip
  • Large glass with perfect view to the burning logs

Stove Specifications –

Weight – 158 kg
Log size – up to 50.00 cm
Flue outlet – Ø 150.00 mm
Flue exit options – Top / Rear
Min output – 3.9 kW
Nom output – 7.0 kW
Max output – 10.5 kW
Efficiency – 84%
Heating capacity – up to 150 m²
Heating capacity cubic – up to 300 m³
CO Emission – 0.12%
Dust Product Emission – 66 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission – 144 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission – 98 mg/Nm³

Closed combustion – Yes
Clean burn – Yes
External air intake – Yes
Ash solution – Yes