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Morsø Jiko

Morsø Jiko is a small, wood-fired African inspired outdoor stove that is serviceable as a fire pit. It is also excellent for cooking in the open. This product makes it possible to bring the well-known Morsø qualities from the terrace into nature. Here, you can cook authentic food on open fire.
You should, for instance, try to use the Jiko together with a Cocotte from Morsø’s kitchenware line, Morsø NAC.

You could also try placing MorsøCast iron grill grate at the top of the Jiko. Again, deep classic roots and the unique properties of cast iron combine into a modern design with an abundance of use potentials.

Design: Kok & Berntsen

Material: Senotherm painted
Colour: Black
Dimensions: Ø32 × H21,5 cm
Weight: 13 kg