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Rais Nexo 185 Gas

The Rais Nexo 185 Gas stands as a majestic sculpture with minimalistic, clean lines. The large panes create the sensation of an open fire. It is easy to turn the heat up or down using the remote control or your smartphone/tablet.
You select the colour, side glass, top plate and height – Nexo Gas comes in five different heights.
The Rais Nexo 185 Gas fireplace hooks up to bottled gas, natural gas or city gas.

This gas range includes The Nexo 100, The Nexo 120, The Nexo 140, The Nexo 160, and The Nexo 185.

Dimensions (W-D-H)
External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 446-398-1861 mm
Flue outlet (diameter): Ø100/Ø150
Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, top: 1197
Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, back: 1063

Natural gas: 1,7-9,1
Propane: 1,8 – 8
OUTPUT (MIN-MAX): 1,7 – 6,4
Efficiency in %: 91
Weight in kg: 190
Additional heat accumulation stones: 20 (120 kg)

Distance to flammable material
To back wall in mm: 50
To the side in mm: 250/300

Steel door with glass: STANDARD
Glass door: ACCESSORY
Side glass: ACCESSORY
Flue outlet, top and back: STANDARD
Top plate, stainless steel: ACCESSORY