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Reflex 75T Icon XS Gas Fire

Reflex 75T Icon XS Gas Fire

With the most realistic flames yet and the addition of a non-reflective glass front, the Reflex 75T gas fire creates an almost unmistakably log burning look. With a heat output of 8.6kW and an efficiency of 75%, this fire can be enjoyed both with and without the heat with the innovative EmberLight LED bed which can be lit on its own for those evenings when it’s too warm for a fire.

The Icon XS will add a luxurious finish to the Reflex 75T as it features highly reflective black glass and clean lines which encapsulate that minimalist and contemporary style.

The Reflex 75T is controllable through the Harmony10 remote, which makes it easy to turn the fire on and off, as well as set daily or weekly schedules and control the flames and EmberLight LED bed.

Now available in Balanced flue or Conventional flue.

Fire: Reflex 75T CF
Heat Output: 8kW
Fire (w x h x d): 877mm x 896mm x 328mm
Frame (w x h x d: 1089mm x 1015mm x 17mm
High Efficiency: 72.80%
Energy Efficiency**: D

Fire: Reflex 75T BF
Heat Output: 7.8kW
Fire (w x h x d): 877mm x 896mm x 361mm
Frame (w x h x d): 1089mm x 1015mm x 17mm
High Efficiency: 82.80%
Energy Efficiency**: B
**When used with Programmable Thermostatic Upgradeable remote control


Brand Gazco
Fuel Bed Logs
Linings: Brick effect, Ledge-stone Effect, EchoFlame Black Glass, Fluted Vermiculite & Black Reeded
Conventional Flue
Balanced Flue
Non-reflective glass front
Natural Gas or LPG
Fits into a standard 36″ chimney breast
LED Lighting Effects
Harmony10 Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control
No Air Vent Required (Balanced Flue only)
Optional smart phone or tablet control

Single sided models available in this range include – Gazco Reflex 75T Icon XS, The Gazco Reflex 75T Verve XS, The Gazco Reflex 75T Edge,The Gazco Reflex 75T Evoke Glass , The Gazco Reflex 75T Evoke Steel,