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Bellfires Box Gas 75 on Stove stand

Bellfires BOX Gas 75

Bellfires BOX gas 75
The BOX Gas stands out because of its simplicity. The dancing flames form the focal point.

Freestanding fireplace
With storage module or on a platform, something to suit everyone
Bold and minimalist
Simply press the button and enjoy
Available in many different sizes

Energy label: A
Fuel: Gas
Model: Free standing
Fire view: Frontal fireplace
Power (kW): 6.1 kW
Convection fan: NO
Smoke gas exit / air intake: Ø100-150mm
Natural gas: YES
Propane: YES
Butane: YES

Models in this series include the Bellfires Box Gas 45, the Box 55, the Box 65, the Box 75 and the Bellfires Box 80