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Chesneys Clean Burn Outdoor Stove

The Chesneys Clean Burn is an eco-friendly outdoor wood burning stove. The same advanced technology as our collection of indoor wood burning stoves is used. This outdoor heater emits a substantial amount of glowing heat. In addition, it produces next to no smoke and runs on very little fuel.

The Chesneys Clean Burn comes with the following:
Pair of stove gloves
Scoop for removing ash

Clean Burn is at the forefront of innovation for outdoor heating and will significantly increase the amount of time you spend in the fresh air, extending the enjoyment of your garden, terrace or balcony throughout the year.
For those who already own a barbecue and love spending time outside but feel their plans are often dictated by the weather, this is the solution.

COLOUR – Black
OVERALL SIZE – 592mm (W), 995mm (H), 433mm (D)
WEIGHT – 107kg

You should always remember that your HEAT appliance is an outdoor machine, and as such, should be looked after, in order to maintain overall condition and functionality.
We recommend:
REGULAR CHECKS AND CLEANING – at least once a month, and more regularly during bad weather and wiping surfaces to keep dry and to eradicate minor blemishes before the deteriorate further
CLEANING BETWEEN USES – including removing ash to clear airways, washing key areas with soap and water and keeping the glass clean.
In caring for your machine, we also recommend using the tailor made cover to protect it when not in use. The cover is sold separately.

Chesneys Outdoor Living include Clean Burn, Heat & Grill, Terrace Gourmet, Garden Gourmet and Garden Party.