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Chesneys Heat & Grill

The Chesneys Heat & Grill Outdoor Stove is a high performance dual function heater barbecue. It delivers a beautiful radiant heat and as a result is a great cooking experience.

The Chesneys Heat & Grill Outdoor Stove has been made for those who love nothing more than firing up the barbecue for a spontaneous outdoor feast or simply looking for ways to use their precious outdoor space more often.

Additionally the product comes with the following:
A Pair of metal side shelves
An Analogue thermometer
A Pair of stove gloves
And a  Scoop for removing ash

Heat & Grill in action

The grill size is ideal for rustling up some sausages and burgers for a party of 6-8 using fine grade charcoal or popping a pizza stone on the grill, closing the lid and achieving perfectly cooked crisp pizza in minutes, over kiln dried logs.
The elegant design will suit any exterior style and encourage you to get outside more, even if it is just to have a cup of coffee with the newspaper, on a sunny but cooler day.



Colour – Black
OVERALL SIZE – 592mm  (1210mm with shelves)  (W), 996mm  (H), 433mm  (+ additional 310mm flue to rear) (D)
GRILL SIZE -500mm (W), 320mm (D)

WEIGHT – 116kg


You should always remember that your HEAT appliance is an outdoor machine, and as such, should be looked after, in order to maintain overall condition and functionality.

We recommend:
REGULAR CHECKS AND CLEANING – at least once a month, and more regularly during bad weather and wiping surfaces to keep dry and to eradicate minor blemishes before the deteriorate further
CLEANING BETWEEN USES – including removing ash to clear airways, washing key areas with soap and water, keeping the glass clean and taking care of shelves both during use and when not in use.

In caring for your machine, we also recommend using the tailor made cover to protect it when not in use. The cover is sold separately.

Chesneys Outdoor Living include Clean Burn, Heat & GrillGarden Gourmet and Garden Party.