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Chesneys Odeon

Chesneys Odeon Fireplace

The Chesneys Odeon Fireplace is Inspired by the Golden Age of jazz. This fireplace perfectly captures the essence of the roaring 1920’s in the 21st century. Striking in its simplicity, the receding rectangles carved from limestone are a nod to Art Deco style which made use of bold geometric silhouettes. A contemporary take on the decadence of the period, this classic fire surround is ideal for modernist living spaces, or interiors that will remain eternally in vogue.

Chesneys Odeon Fireplace – PRODUCT DATA
OVERALL SIZE – 56 7/8″ (1445mm) W x 47 7/16″ (1205mm) H
OPENING – 38″ (965mm) W x 38″ (965mm) H
SHELF – 56 7/8″ (1445mm) L x 10 7/16″ (265mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 10 7/16″ (265mm)

Chesneys Murano

Chesneys Murano Fireplace

Chesneys Murano Fireplace

For a modern fireplace that captures the beauty of simplicity, look no further than The Murano in limestone. Timeless in its design, this contemporary fire surround features clean, straight lines and a generous mantel shelf — perfect for displaying prize possessions or adding a personal touch to your room. With excellent proportions and a minimalist silhouette, the Chesneys Murano Fireplace is carefully designed to adapt seamlessly to your own interior style. Choose to couple this fireplace with a contemporary fire basket to create the ideal open fireplace.

The Murano is shown with the Fibonacci 22″ fire basket, modern steel slips, contemporary plain interior panels and black slate hearth.

OVERALL SIZE – 54 1/8″ (1375mm) W x 48 1/4″ (1226mm) H
OPENING – 40″ (1016mm) W x 40″ (1016mm) H
SHELF – 60″ (1524mm) L x 8 3/4″ (222mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 7/8″ (149mm)