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Studio 2 Duplex

Gazco Studio 2 Duplex Double Sided Gas Fire

The Gazco Studio 2 Duplex offers unrivalled flame pictures in two rooms at once. You have a wealth of frame options to choose from. To further enhance the many styling options, the double-sided Duplex gas fire offers the additional choice of two firebox linings. These include a contemporary vermiculite or timeless black reeded panels.  The Duplex gives a high efficiency rating of up to 82%. The Studio 2 Duplex gas fire produces an impressive 7.9kW heat output.

Heat Output 7.9kW
High Efficiency 92%
Energy Efficiency Class A
Balanced Flue connection
Choice of linings Vermiculite and Black Reeded
Double-sided Glass Fronted firebox
Realistic log-effect fuel bed
Realistic Glowing ember feature
Choice of six frame styles Edge, Bauhaus, Profil, Steel 2, Expression, Verve or Glass
Four additional frame colours*
Dual styling options
Programmable Thermostatic Remote control as standard
Studio Duplex Flue Diameter (Balanced Flue) Top 150mm (6″)

* Available for Studio Duplex Profil, Bauhaus, Verve and Steel 2.

Heat Output : 7.9kW
Efficiency : 92%
Edge Size* :945 x 416mm
Profil Size* : 1036 x 510 x 13mm
Steel 2 Size* : 1500 x 528 x 30mm
Verve Size* : 1500 x 528 x 56mm
Glass Size* : 1500 x 528 x 33.5mm
Expression Size* : 1140 x 614 x x 40mm

Gaxco Studio 2 Duplex

Stuv 21/85 Double sided

Stuv 21/85 Double Sided Built-in Woodburning Fire

The Stuv 21/85 Double sided built-in woodburning fire is a sleek and subtle fitted stove. It provides a full view of the fire. With its retractable glass door it provides a great view of the flames, as well as the crackling of the fire from back to back rooms. The Stuv 21 Double-sided fire comes in four sizes to suit your room dimensions.

STÛV 21-85 DF
– See-through model: glass can slide away on both sides
– Adjustable output
– Can be connected to the outside air
– Air ducting possible
– Optional fan