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Stovax Riva2 50

Riva2 50 WoodBurning Inset

The Ecodesign Stovax Riva2 50 WoodBurning Inset Fire is designed to fit a 22” high fireplace opening with the fire-brick removed, and takes the same clean lines of the smaller 40 into a landscape format fire. Our advanced DualFlow Airwash system keeps the glass ultra-clean, allowing you to immerse yourself in the uninterrupted view of the Riva2’s rolling flames.

KEY FACTS-Riva2 50 WoodBurning Inset Fire
Brand Stovax
Nominal Heat
Output & Range Wood: 5.0kW (4.3 – 6kW)
Maximum efficiency Up to 77.1%
Energy Efficiency Class A
Ecodesign Plus
DEFRA Smoke Control Zone exempt as standard
Profil & Profil XS, 3-sided & 4-sided frames
Flue connection (internal diameter) 127mm (5”)
External Integrated Air Connection
Advanced DualFlow Airwash for ultra-clean glass
Warm Air Ducting System Outlets
Easy-install flue connection
Max log length 350mm

Frame Choice Dimensions mm (wxh)
3 sided Profil : 632 x 599mm
4 sided Profil : 632 x 644.5mm
3 sided Profil XS : 584 x 575mm
4 sided Profil XS : 584 x 596.5mm

Other sizes available in the Riva2 range include the Riva2 40, the Riva2 55 & the Riva2 66.

Riva2 40 Dimensions

Onyx Avanti 110RW 2 sideed

Onyx Avanti 110RW Electric

Onyx Avanti 110RW Electric Insert

Heat Output: Up to 2.00 KW
Visible dimension upon installation
Onyx Avanti 110RW Electric – Width 1118mm x Height 443mm x Depth 215mm
Part of the Stovax Heating Group

Avanti Electric Fires Features
– Can be installed as a one, two or three-sided fire
– Chromalight® Plus Designer LED System
– Multiple flame options with adjustable flame speed
– Range of lighting systems and effects
– True-to-life Split Oak or optional Split Silver Birch glowing fuel-effects
– Up to 2kW thermostatic heating
– Flames can be enjoyed with or without the heat
– Remote control via app or handset
– Optional Mood Lighting System
– Compatible with Milazzo Suite for a flat wall fix
– Ecodesign Energy Saving Features

avanti - dimensions

Models in the Onyx Avanti range include the Avanti 110RW,Avanti 150RW and Avanti 190RW are all available in a single, corner or three-sided fire configuration.  The Milazzo Suite is designed to complement the Avanti 110RW.

Stovax Country 5 Wide

Stovax County 5 Wide

The Stovax County 5 Wide Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Ecodesign Plus stove brings presence and impressive flame visuals in equal measure. With a wider firebox than the County 5, the 5 Wide offers the same great flame visuals and 5kW heat output. The County 5 Wide Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Ecodesign Plus stove’s slimline depth is designed to be used where a shallower depth is required.

The County 5 Wide is designed to suit both traditional and modern interiors and features a charming rustic exterior and responsive slide controls for easy heat management. The expansive glass window offers a spectacular flame view, and is kept clear by powerful Airwash jets for impressive visuals.

KEY FACTS – Stovax County 5 Wide 
Ecodesign PLus
High efficiency : up to 80.2%
Energy Efficiency Class : A+
Wood Burning & Multi-fuel stove with fixed grate
Flat top version
Nominal heat output and range : 5kW (3.9 – 7kW)
Maximum log length : 13″ (330mm)
Room vent not normally required
Flue outlet : 5″ top or rear
Integral Heat Shields
12mm hearth compatible


A A1 (Glass Viewing Area) B B1 (Glass Viewing Area) C D E F G H I J K
603mm 376mm 600mm 263mm 268mm 507mm 647mm 676mm 130mm 120mm 200mm 150mm 137mm

County 5 Wide Dimensions

Models included in this range are the Stovax County 3, the Stovax County 5, The Stovax County 5 wide, and the Stovax County 8.

Huntingdon 30 Multifuel with tracery door

Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign Stove

Combining classic stove design with cutting-edge, high efficiency combustion systems, all-new Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign Stove, both wood burning and multi-fuel stoves bring warmth and character to your home.

Tasteful detailing decorates each Huntingdon 30’s cast iron door, side panels and top plate — testament to the craftsmanship behind each stove.

Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves come in either clear or tracery door versions to suit your style. Both versions feature a larger viewing window for a stunning view of the flames.

A single air control responds with quality you can feel, allowing you to quickly adjust the stove’s airflow system for rapid start-up or easy heat output regulation.

Advanced burn chamber engineering and airflow technology puts the Huntingdon 30 at the forefront of stove innovation. Burning with minimal emissions, this elegant stove is suitable for urban and country homes alike, exceeding both DEFRA Smoke Control and Ecodesign air quality requirements and Ecodesign Plus. The Ecodesign Plus mark feature cutting edge firebox engineering. This means they do not just meet minimum requirements, but exceed every requirement in the Ecodesign air quality standards for high efficiency and minimal emissions

For even greater installation flexibility, Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves feature a convector design which channels warm air from the rear of the stove back into the room, reducing minimum distance to combustible clearances.

Choose from dedicated wood burning models or multi-fuel models. Multi-fuel Huntingdon 30 stoves feature a specially designed closeable riddling grate, which allows either logs or smokeless mineral fuels to be burnt with high efficiency.

KEY DETAILS – Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign Stoves

Nominal Heat Output: 5kW Heat Output Range: 3.5 – 7.5kW
Maximum Efficiency: 82%
Energy Class: A+
Woodburning and Multi-fuel models
Clear or Tracery Door options
Ecodesign Plus
Convector design lowers distances to combustibles
Cleanburn & Airwash Systems
Removeable door handle
Cast iron and heavy-gauge steel construction
Closeable riddling grate (multi-fuel only)
Room Sealed (Integrated External Air Connection)
Suitable for 12mm hearths

Stovax Vogue Medium Slimline

Stovax Vogue Medium Slimline Stove

The Ecodesign Plus Stovax Vogue Medium Slimline Stove wide-format wood burning and multi-fuel stove offers the stunning flame visuals of the more powerful Stovax Vogue Medium stove. It offers this whilst maintaining a 5kW heat output, thanks to its slim depth. The stylishly slimline contemporary stove is available in either wood burning or multi-fuel versions to suit your lifestyle.

The stoves available in this range are the Stovax –
Vogue Small, Vogue Midi, Vogue Medium, Vogue Small T, Vogue Midi T, Vogue Midi T Wall Hung, Vogue Midi T Highline, Vogue Slimline.

Ecodesign Plus
Multi-fuel model (with external riddling)
Efficiency 79%
Nominal Heat Output and Range : WB: 7.8kw. MF 8.2KW ( when burning smokeless fuels)
Cleanburn & Airwash
Integral cast iron top plate
Midline wood store base (Optional)
Plinth base (Optional)
External air kit (Optional)
Maximum Log Length 330mm
Flue outlet 5” top or rear
Stove bench compatible
Matt Black Finish

Size Vogue Medium Slimline
Width 525mm
Height 624mm
Depth Wood burning: 426mm
Depth Multi-fuel: 363mm
Energy Efficiency Class A

stovax studio 1 ecodesign with edge+ frame and grey trim

Stovax Studio 1 Ecodesign with Edge+ frame

New to the Stovax Studio Edge range is the Stovax Studio 1 Ecodesign with Edge + inset wood burning fire. This fire provides a similarly frameless ‘hole in the wall’ fire look. Therefore, this fire offers the additional benefit of a more simplified finishing process.

In addition, a slim profile decorative frame, crafted from 1mm thick steel, overlays the finished wall surface. This provides a perfectly crisp finish around the installation opening.

With a complementary Matt Black finish, the Stovax Studio 1 Ecodesign Edge + inset fire is a sophisticated and functional styling option that simply lets the Studio’s impressive wood burning flame picture provide all the aesthetic appeal!

Seen here with an edge+ frame and grey trim.

Brand Stovax
Ecodesign Ready**
High efficiency up to 80%
Wood burning
Boost setting for lighting and re-fueling
Removable steel and TCL baffles
TCL firebox lining
Radiant heat and convected heat
External air facility
Optional fan-assisted convection system
Optional warm air ducting system
Top flue connection Internal Ø – 153mm (6”)
Double-sided version available

Fire Size Nominal Heat
Output & Range
Max log lengths Frame dimensions mm
(wxhxd) Edge
Frame dimensions mm
(wxhxd) Edge ‘Cool Wall’
Energy Efficiency Class
Studio 1 5.0kW (1.7-7kW) 300mm (12”) 743 x 421* 743 x 428* A

stovax chesterfield 5 woodburning ecodesign stove

Stovax Chesterfield 5 wide multi-fuel Ecodesign

The Stovax Chesterfield 5 wide multi-fuel Ecodesign stove is a great fit for either fireplaces or freestanding against a wall. Designed around our triple airflow combustion systems, these elegant convector stoves deliver exceptional heating performance. The Stovax Chesterfield 5 wide multi-fuel Ecodesign stove features the range’s convector design to reduce distance to combustibles and enhance heating capability.

The Stovax Chesterfield 5 is an Ecodesign Plus stove, meeting and exceeding Ecodesign air quality standards. Moreover, thanks to their urban area approval, these advanced stoves are exempt from DEFRA Smoke Control Areas, meaning they are suitable for your home whether you live in the town or country.

This multi-fuel stove is available in a wider format: the Chesterfield 5 Wide

Stovax Chesterfield 5
High Efficiency Up to 80%
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Cleanburn & Airwash
Nominal heat output and range 5kW (2.5-7kW)
Dedicated External Air Kit Optional
Multi-fuel model
Convector Stove
Ecodesign Plus
Flue outlet – 5” top or rear

Stovax Chesterfield 5

Stovax Chesterfield 5 Wide
Stovax Chesterfield wide dimmensions

Rocal Angle

Rocal Angle

The Rocal Angle stands out for its versatility. It can be fitted as a corner or front-facing fireplace. It offers very good efficiency results and provides a heat output range of 5.5-9.5 kW.

Features include:

  • Double ventilated hood for hot air
  • Ceiling plate
  • Heat resistant, anti-smoke, anti-odour paint
  • Preheated primary and secondary air
  • Tertiary or safety air
  • Optional external air inlet
  • Direct smoke pipe Vermiculite lining in black
  • Option ECOntrol automatic combustion control