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Dovre 425

Dovre 425 Electric Stoves

The Dovre 425 electric traditional stove is made from cast iron. It has a highly realistic hand painted fuel bed and logs. In addition, This Dovre 425 Electric stove allows you to select from three different flame brightness levels. These include an additional blue flame effect on the high setting to create the ideal fire for your mood. Using our unique Veriflame™ technology, this electric stove features low energy LED illumination. You therefore receive a highly realistic flame and glowing ember effect. There are even reflective sides to ensure the flames appear realistic from all stove angles. Subsequently, whether you use the built-in fan heater or not, you can enjoy a perfect picture of warmth at any time.
An electric fire requires no flue, hearth or chimney. You can also move it from room to room.

Dovre 280 electric stove

Dovre 280 Electric Stove

The Dovre 280 electric stove could be the answer if you do not have a chimney. As well as if you want to locate a stove in a space where it’s difficult to install a flue. Once you have plugged in this Dovre 280 electric stove to a normal 13amp socket, you simply use the remote control. This wil turn it on or off and adjust the heat between the 1kW or 2kW settings. Additionally, you can select from one of the three flame brightness levels. These levels are created using our unique Variflame technology.

Made from cast iron, this traditional electric stove has an exceptionally realistic fuel bed and hand painted logs. The additional option of a subtle blue flame effect makes the electric stove’s log fire one of the most authentic available. It truly is a real fire ambiance at the press of a button.
An electric fire requires no flue, hearth or chimney and can be moved from room to room.