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Jotul i400 panorama

Jotul I 400 Panorama

Jøtul I 400 Panorama is part of the Jøtul I 400 series which consists of three main variants. This is a medium-sized fireplace insert with a modern design it features a large glass for a perfect view of the burning logs. Jøtul F 400 Panorama has light coloured burn plates that makes the fireplace insert look light and attractive even when you don’t have the fire lit.

– Jøtul I 400 Panorama can also be installed as a cassette in an open fireplace by getting a mounting set (accessories)
– Clean burning, environmentally consious fireplace insert
– Top draught ensures cleaner glass

Height – 492 mm
Width – 640 mm
Depth – 516 mm
Weight – 125 kg
Log size -up to 40.00 cm
Flue outlet – Ø 150.00 mm
Flue exit options – Top
Min output – 3.7 kW
Nom output – 6.0 kW
Max output – 9.0 kW
Efficiency – 74%
Heating capacity -up to 129 m²
Heating capacity cubic -up to 225 m³
CO Emission -0.07%
Dust Product Emission -26 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission -85 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission -49 mg/Nm³
Closed combustion -Yes
Clean burn -Yes
External air intake -Yes

Jøtul F 305

Jotul F 305 LL Woodburning Stove

Description – Jøtul F 305

The Jøtul F 305 classic wood burner series consists of two models. The horizontal design makes it easy to place logs and provides a rapid heat transfer to the room. Integrated convection reduces the distance to combustible materials at the rear. With Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll, we have made a stove which merges 160 years of heating experience with timeless design. The higher view of the fire means it can be seen from every angle in the room. Jøtul F 305 LL on legs has a light touch about it, focusing on showing of the flames and the fire to their best. The horizontal format of the burn chamber makes it easy to burn large pieces of wood. Intuitive air controls makes it user friendly and the ash solution is easily accessible behind the front door.

– Large firebox with a modern design
– Short distance to combustible walls
– Unparalleled view to the flames

Stove Specifications –
Height – 850 mm
Width – 560 mm
Depth – 395 mm
Weight – 137 kg
Log size – up to 41.00 cm
Flue outlet – Ø 150.00 mm
Flue exit options – Top / Rear
Min output – 3.7 kW
Nom output – 7.0 kW
Max output – 10.0 kW
Efficiency – 79%
Heating capacity – up to 145 m²
Heating capacity cubic – up to 250 m³
CO Emission – 0.06%
Dust Product Emission – 7 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission – 85 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission – 64 mg/Nm³
Ecolabel – A

Closed Combustion – Yes
Clean Burn – Yes
External Air Intake – Yes
Ash Solution – Yes

Dovre Sense 203

Dovre 203 Sense Woodburning Contemporary Stove

The Dovre 203 Sense Woodburning Contemporary Stove provides subtle curving details in matt black. The Sense 203 has the same compact firebox styling as the Sense 103 but with a striking box-mounted design. This design is sure to make a high impact in both traditional and contemporary homes alike. The Sense 203 adds sensational side windows to further enhance the view of the beautiful, rolling flames. It offers a 5kw (nominal) output with a 7kw (max) output along with external air supply.

Contura 310 Wood Burning Stove

Contura 310 Wood Burning Stove

The Contura 310 is the perfect choice if you know how you want your stove to look. Do you want a black or white stove? A cast-iron or glass door? Do you want a log box? You have the choice of all three. In addition, the Contura 310 has a nominal output of 7kW. The Contura is shown with a black cast door, side log box, drawer, and is also available with an external air supply.

Rais Visio 3:1 Three-sided Fire

Rais Visio 3:1 Three-sided Fire Woodburning Stove

Rais Visio 3:1 Three-sided Fire has extra depth and glass on three sides. The distinctive yet discreet insert RAIS Visio 3:1 allows you to enjoy the beautiful fire in two rooms at the same time. The design is elegantly under played to enhance the experience of the flickering flames. Open the door of the Rais Visio 3:1 Three-sided fire easily by pushing it upwards. The combustion is highly efficient and allows you to enjoy a comfortable, even heat.

This range includes The Visio 1, The Visio 2, The Visio 3, The Visio Element, The Visio 2:1, and The Visio 3:1.

Dimensions (W-D-H)
External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 514,2-875,5-1368
Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 210-499-230
Outer frame dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 528-750-490
Flue outlet (diameter):200
Distance from centre to the back edge of the top plate in mm: 628,2-490,1-775,3

Heating (at -20°C) in m2:75-120
Efficiency in %:80
Particulates in g/kg: 5,7
Weight in kg: 260

Distance to flammable material
To side wall in mm: 0
Back wall in mm: 45
To the ceiling in mm: 420
The floor in mm: 375
To furniture: 700