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Jotul F 200



Based on the exterior of one of Jøtul’s best-selling classics, Jøtul F 200 has brought a piece of the heritage and 160 years of experience with heat, and given it a modern interpretation. The organic shapes are delicately stylized, with a beautifully curved top, Gothic-inspired railings that frame the fire and four solid legs that complete the impression. The stove is available with short or long legs. You can easily control the air flow with just one lever and emptying of ash is made simple with an easily accessible ash solution at the bottom of the combustion chamber. With solid materials, traditional craftsmanship and the latest heating technology, we have created a classic for the future.

  • Based on best-seling design
  • A classic that fits in most homes
  • Practical ashtray

Height: 755 mm
Width: 561 mm
Depth: 472 mm
Weight: 138 kg

Colors: BLack

Specifications: JØTUL F 200
Log size: up to 37.00 cm
Flue outlet : Ø 150.00 mm
Flue exit options: Top / Rear
Nom output: 5.0 kW
Efficiency: 82%
Heating capacity cubic: up to 200 m³
CO Emission: 0.08%
Dust Product Emission: 14 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission: 99 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission: 56 mg/Nm³
Closed combustion: Yes
Clean burn: Yes
External air intake: Yes
Ash solution: Yes