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Chesneys – British Materials Collection

The Chesneys – British Materials Collection shines a light on these beautiful native materials. It  reveals them in a range of stunning fire surrounds hand crafted by British masons. The masons  using materials quarried in Wales, England and Scotland, stretching from the West Country of England to the Northwest of Scotland.

The subtle shades of colour and movement in these materials is both unique and beautiful.  Ranging from the monochromatic contemporary hues of Frosterley stone to the vibrant semi-precious amethyst tones of Ball Eye Blue marble.

Specifying a Fire Surround from our Chesneys – British Materials Collection is an opportunity to introduce a unique element to the interior design of a room.Enjoying a timeless reminder of the archaeological history of our national landscape.

The Materials
Working in conjunction with Britannicus Stone, a company that is passionate in its support of British stones and marbles and which enjoys exclusive access to many of the quarries, Chesneys has chosen a range of materials to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Most of the materials are given the soft appearance of a honed finish, although in some cases a higher polish is applied to enhance the colour and veining in the material. As no two blocks of marble from the same quarry are the same, it must be understood that images of the different materials are indicative only and there can be significant variations.

What can be guaranteed however is that every fire surround from The British Materials Collection that we manufacture is as unique in its appearance as an original Work of Art.

The following fire surrounds-
The Chedworth, The Avebury and the Cirencester Bolection.
Are available in some of the Materials – Anglesey, Ashburton, Ball Eye Blue, Ledmore, Moorcroft Cartoon, Moorcroft Grey, Swaledale Fossil and Stoneycombe.