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Chesneys Regency Bullseye - Limestone

Chesneys Regency Bullseye

The Chesneys Regency Bullseye is an English stone chimney-piece of early 19th century design, having moulded jambs and a frieze with bullseyes to the capitals. The Chesneys Regency Bullseye is also available in optional sizes.

Chesneys Regency fireplaces offer a traditional silhouette suited to even the most modern interior. A source of design inspiration during the Regency period, this collection of elegant chimney-pieces borrows from classical Greek and Roman motifs. Strong architectural pillars, fine corner blocking and anthemion details are standout features of this exquisite period fireplace range.

In true Regency style, the proportions of these fireplaces are lower than earlier Georgian pieces, implementing a simpler rectilinear shelf for a clean, understated silhouette. With crisp lines and sleek marble silhouettes, this period fireplace range will sit right at home in both period and contemporary homes.

Chesneys Regency Bullseye- PRODUCT DATA
OVERALL SIZE – 53″ (1346mm) W x 43″ (1092mm) H
OPENING – 36″ (914mm) W x 36″ (914mm) H
SHELF -57 1/2” (1460mm) L x 8 1/4″ (209mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 6″ (152mm)
DEPTH OF REBATE – 1″ (25mm)

Chesneys Gaumont

Chesneys Gaumont Fireplace

For a modern fireplace that captures the essence of Art Deco design, look no further than the Chesneys Gaumont Fireplace. Elegant in its simplicity, the receding rectangles and strong linear design of this piece reflect the geometric silhouettes made popular during the period. Bringing a touch of 1920’s decadence to the 21st century, the Gaumont is a dazzling centrepiece, capturing the attention of any room. Impeccably carved from smooth limestone, this contemporary fire surround will truly stand the test of time.

Chesneys Gaumont Fireplace  – PRODUCT DATA
OVERALL SIZE – 50 5/8″ (1285mm) W x 44 3/8″ (1125mm) H
OPENING – 38″ (965mm) W x 38″ (965mm) H
SHELF – 50 5/8″ (1285mm) L x 7 1/2″ (190mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 7 1/2″ (190mm)

Chesneys Murano

Chesneys Murano Fireplace

Chesneys Murano Fireplace

For a modern fireplace that captures the beauty of simplicity, look no further than The Murano in limestone. Timeless in its design, this contemporary fire surround features clean, straight lines and a generous mantel shelf — perfect for displaying prize possessions or adding a personal touch to your room. With excellent proportions and a minimalist silhouette, the Chesneys Murano Fireplace is carefully designed to adapt seamlessly to your own interior style. Choose to couple this fireplace with a contemporary fire basket to create the ideal open fireplace.

The Murano is shown with the Fibonacci 22″ fire basket, modern steel slips, contemporary plain interior panels and black slate hearth.

OVERALL SIZE – 54 1/8″ (1375mm) W x 48 1/4″ (1226mm) H
OPENING – 40″ (1016mm) W x 40″ (1016mm) H
SHELF – 60″ (1524mm) L x 8 3/4″ (222mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 7/8″ (149mm)

Chesneys Chelsea Fireplace

Chesneys Chelsea Fireplace

The Chesneys Chelsea Fireplace reinvents the traditional bolection shape, refining it into a minimalist silhouette suited to contemporary tastes. With a single sweep of moulding, this stone fireplace adds movement to any interior without compromising the beauty of its surroundings. Smooth finishing and balanced proportions elevate this fire surround far beyond the simplicity of its design. Polished and refined, the Chelsea sits comfortably in most rooms, beautifully paired with a classic open fire.

PRODUCT DATA – Chesneys Chelsea fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 54″ (1372mm) W x 42 1/4″ (1073mm) H
OPENING – 37 1/4″ (947mm) W x 33 7/8″ (861mm) H
DEPTH OF JAMB – 6″ (152mm)

Chesneys Kent

Chesneys Kent Bolection Fireplace

For an interior that’s both restful and welcoming, exchange the clutter for the smooth rounded moulding of the Chesneys Kent Bolection fireplace. An elegant example of bolection, a moulding style popularized by Christopher Wren, this sophisticated chimney piece complements stylish interiors with its elegance. If you wish to embrace the ‘less is more’ philosophy in your home, then this Italian-inspired contemporary chimney piece will add warmth, light and vibrancy to chic, modern interiors.

PRODUCT DATA – Chesneys Kent Bolection Fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 60″ (1524MM) W X 50″ (1270MM) H
OPENING – 40″ (1016MM) W X 40″ (1016MM) H
SHELF – 60″ (1524MM) L X 2″ (50MM) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 1/4″ (132MM)
DEPTH OF REBATE – 1 1/8″ (30MM)

Chesneys Alhambra

Chesneys Alhambra Fireplace

The Chesneys Alhambra fireplace balances traditional and contemporary design. Like the exquisite royal palace and fortress it is named after, the Alhambra is larger in size than most other fire surrounds. Its grand and imposing architectural form frames an open fire beautifully and looks at home in both period and modern interiors. For those in search of crisp minimalism in a chimney piece, this contemporary design adds warmth and an inviting ambiance.

PRODUCT DATA – Chesneys Alhambra fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 59 1/4″ (1504MM) W X 50 7/8″ (1290MM) H
OPENING – 38″ (965MM) W X 38″ (965MM) H
SHELF – 63″ (1600MM) L X 9″ (228MM) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 7 1/8″ (180MM)

Chesneys Madison

Chesneys Madison Fireplace

For a modern fireplace with classical influences, choose The Chesneys Madison Fireplace. The newest addition to the Chesney’s contemporary fireplace collection, this beautiful fire surround features elegant tapering pilasters, strong bed moulding and a generous mantel shelf — perfect for displaying your prize possessions. With exquisite smooth finishing, this model lends itself to both modern and period interiors. Available in two model sizes, The Madison will feel right at home in the largest or cosiest of rooms.

PRODUCT DATA Chesneys Madison Fireplace
OVERALL SIZE – 56 3/8” (1432mm) W x 45 1/8” (1146mm) H
OPENING – 38” (965mm) W x 38” (965mm) H
SHELF – 62” (1575mm) L x 9 1/2” (241mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 6 3/4” (171mm)
HEIGHT OF FOOTBLOCK – 5 1/2” (140mm)

Chesneys Classic Victorian Fireplace

Chesneys Classic Victorian Fireplace Surround

The Chesneys Classic Victorian Fireplace is a simple Victorian style fire surround. The stone in use is Limestone. In addition, it is also available to order in Carrara marble.

OVERALL SIZE – 53 1/8″ (1347mm) W x 44 7/16″ (1130mm) H
OPENING – 36″ (914mm) W x 36″ (914mm) H
SHELF – 58 5/8″ (1489mm) L x 7 1/2″ (190mm) D
DEPTH OF JAMB – 5 1/2″ (140mm)
HEIGHT OF FOOTBLOCK – 7 3/4″ (197mm)