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Gazco Huntingdon 20 gas

Gazco Huntingdon 20 Gas Stove

The compact Gazco Huntingdon 20 Gas Stove’s proportions make it perfect for standard fireplaces. Its highly efficient 2.6kW heat output easily creates a warming atmosphere in standard sized rooms. With the Gazco Huntingdon 20 Gas, you are offered Standard and Programmable Thermostatic remote controls. This provides a real fire ambiance at the touch of a button. The Huntingdon 20 can come as a conventional flue or balanced flue option. The choice of these options depends on your chimney. It is in  Matt Black, with options of  clear door and tracery versions.

Nominal Heat Output : 1.64- 2.7kW
Gas Types : Natural Gas / LPG
Fuel effect : Logs
High Efficiency : Conventional Flue: 76% , Balanced Flue: 85.1%
Command Controls : Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Flame Viewing Area – 320x230mm
Colour Choice – Matt Black.

Huntingdon 20 Gas Stoves Dimensions

Gazco Vogue Midi gas

Gazco Vogue Midi Gas Stove

The Gazco Vogue Midi gas stove is styled elegantly to fit equally well in either contemporary or traditional settings alike. This stove features a cast iron door and top plate with refined curves and bevelled edges. For increased presence, Midline models are mounted on a matching log store base that can be used to house chopped logs. In addition, it adds to the woodburning aesthetic.
Creating breathtaking flame visuals, Vogue Gas stoves feature a highly realistic log bed. It also features a polished black glass lining which provides a stunning, multi-sided reflection of the flames. Designed with the very latest gas fire technology, these cutting edge stoves provide an ample 4.4kW of heat at 80% efficiency. They are available as either a conventional flue or balanced flue option.

Heat Output 1.6- 4.3kW
High Efficiency Conventional Flue: 76%
Balanced Flue: 90.6%
Command Controls : Manual, Standard upgradeable or
Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Colour Choice : Matt Black
Fuel Bed : Logs
Sizes Available : Midi & Midline

The Dovre 280 traditional gas stove is an all new model. This model blends Dovre’s pedigree in casting with the latest gas flame technology. This traditional gas stove looks highly realistic. In addition, it provides you with an effective and controllable warmth with a 3.5kw output. The distinctive Dovre 280 gas stove model is available in both balanced flue and conventional flue versions. This gas stove comes with a log effect fire and has a choice of remote controls. Therefore, you can adjust the flame effect and heat output.

Viva L 160 Gas

Rais Viva L 160 Gas Stove

The circular Viva L 160 Gas exhibits elegant, streamlined characteristics, simple, smooth and beautiful.
This stove stands out with its beautiful and gentle flames. This is true both of a smaller single flame and when the heat is turned up giving an alluring yet beautiful flame!

The very large window and large fire chamber allow for even more pleasure from the fire. Now it could not be easier; click on the remote-control or phone when you want to light or extinguish the fire. Or alternatively, adjust the heat. In other words, you have a cosy fire, or plenty of heat, in just a few seconds. The Viva L 160 Gas stove can be ordered to use either a bottled gas supply or to a natural gas line.

The Gas Stoves in this series include the Rais Viva L 100, the Rais Viva L 120, and the Rais Viva L 160.

Dimensions of the RAis Viva L1 60 (W-D-H)
External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: Ø470-1618
Flue outlet (diameter): Ø100/Ø150
Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, top: 1107
Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, back: 971
RATED OUTPUT (KW): 2.1-6.4

NATURGAS: 1,2 – 6,4
PROPANGAS: 1,3 – 5,8
Efficiency in %: 91
Weight in kg: 146
Additional heat accumulation stones: 96

Distance to flammable material
To back wall in mm: 75
To the side in mm: 250/300

Steel door with glass: STANDARD
Glass door: ACCESSORY
Side glass: ACCESSORY
Flue outlet, top and back: STANDARD
Top plate, stainless steel: ACCESSORY

Yeoman CL 8 gas

Gazco Yeoman CL 8 Gas Stove

The Gazco Yeoman CL 8 gas stove is the largest in the range with a heat output of up to 5.5kW. With that output it is capable of providing ambient heat to larger rooms. It has the same gently curving lines, control options and sophisticated stainless steel handle as its smaller counterparts.  In addition it has hand-painted logs and an enticing glowing ember effect. CL Gas stoves can be mounted on a choice of stove benches.

KEY FACTS – Gazco Yeoman CL 8 Gas Stove
High Efficiency Up to 90.8%
Energy Efficiency Class CF: E
Heat Output Up to 5.50kW
Gas Type Natural Gas and LPG
Fuel effect Logs
Manual or Remote control options
Conventional and balanced flue models
Flue outlet CF: 5” top or rear
BF: 6” top or rear

Width : 553mm
Height : 604mm
Depth : 364mm
gazco yeoman CL8 -dimensions

Box gas Panorama 45-45

Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 45/45 Stove

BOX gas Panorama 45/45 with log box
The BOX Gas stands out because of its simplicity; the dancing flames form the focal point.

Maximum view of the fire, from three sides
Suspended, freestanding or on a plateau
Cool and minimalist
Perfect combustion and high output.

Energy label: A
Fuel : Gas
Model : Free standing
Fire view : 3-sided fireplace
Power (kW) : 5,5 kW
Convection fan : NO
Smoke gas exit / air intake L Ø100-150mm
Natural gas : YES
Propane : YES
Butane : YES

Models in this series include the Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 45/45, the  Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 45/59 and the Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 73/52.

Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas

Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas Stove

The Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas stove is a popular model in the Gazco range. This stove combines refined styling with efficient heating technology.

The Huntingdon 30 gas stove is available  a  Matt Black. This authentic gas stove also features beautiful tracery windows, that frame the flame picture perfectly, giving great warmth and style to any interior.

Choose from either realistic log fuel effect, the latter sporting a glowing ember bed feature for the ultimate real fire ambiance. Both fuel effects are available in conventional flue versions, whilst the log effect is also available in a balanced flue model. The Huntingdon 30 gas stove comes with manual control or, for total ease and convenience, upgrade to one of Gazco’s command remote controls.

This model is available in two versions. Select from either a Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stove or a Huntingdon 30 electric stove.

KEY FACTS – Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas
Nominal Heat Output : 1.90 – 3.6kW
Gas Types : Natural Gas / LPG
Fuel effect : Logs
High Efficiency : Conventional Flue: 75% , Balanced Flue: 95.4%
Command Controls : Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable upgradeable

Huntingdon 30 Gas Stoves Dimensions