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Gazco eReflex (formerly Skope) Inset 195r Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex Inset 195r Electric Fire

The Gazco eReflex Inset 195r Electric Fire is a truly captivating electric fire. With dramatic fuel and vibrant visuals to choose from, this ultra-contemporary electric fire projects flame effects among the fuel effects. Therefore, the Gazco eReflex Inset 195r creates a truly immersive display.
You can choose from three different flame options. These include Amber, Blue and Amber with Blue accent which provide stunning visuals. As well as 13 different fuelled lighting options. This electric fire comes with an elegant thermostatic handset that gives full control over the fire’s host of features and can be enjoyed with or without the heat.

Gazco eReflex (formerly Skope) Trento Suites Electric Fires

Gazco eReflex Trento Suite Electric Fires

Gazco eReflex Trento Suite Electric Fires features clean and stylish floating shelves for a statement finish that completely houses your fire.Creating a designer eReflex (Formerly Skope) installation can be as easy as simply hanging your fire on the wall.

You can install both 70W and 110W Skope Outset fires as three-sided or two-sided corner fires. For two-sided corner installations, the Trento Left Offset and Trento Right Offset Suites can be positioned with the flush end against the corner of the room.

In addition to perfect symmetry, the Trento Central offers a balanced style. This positions the fire in the middle of the Suite. Alternatively, the Left and Right Offset Gazco eReflex Trento Suite Electric Fires options provide a strikingly asymmetric installation. Depending on your choice of installation, contrasting black Decorative Columns and End Caps can be added. Therefore, completing your Skope Trento and heighten appeal.