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Huntingdon 30 Multifuel with tracery door

Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign Stove

Combining classic stove design with cutting-edge, high efficiency combustion systems, all-new Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign Stove, both wood burning and multi-fuel stoves bring warmth and character to your home.

Tasteful detailing decorates each Huntingdon 30’s cast iron door, side panels and top plate — testament to the craftsmanship behind each stove.

Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves come in either clear or tracery door versions to suit your style. Both versions feature a larger viewing window for a stunning view of the flames.

A single air control responds with quality you can feel, allowing you to quickly adjust the stove’s airflow system for rapid start-up or easy heat output regulation.

Advanced burn chamber engineering and airflow technology puts the Huntingdon 30 at the forefront of stove innovation. Burning with minimal emissions, this elegant stove is suitable for urban and country homes alike, exceeding both DEFRA Smoke Control and Ecodesign air quality requirements and Ecodesign Plus. The Ecodesign Plus mark feature cutting edge firebox engineering. This means they do not just meet minimum requirements, but exceed every requirement in the Ecodesign air quality standards for high efficiency and minimal emissions

For even greater installation flexibility, Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves feature a convector design which channels warm air from the rear of the stove back into the room, reducing minimum distance to combustible clearances.

Choose from dedicated wood burning models or multi-fuel models. Multi-fuel Huntingdon 30 stoves feature a specially designed closeable riddling grate, which allows either logs or smokeless mineral fuels to be burnt with high efficiency.

KEY DETAILS – Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign Stoves

Nominal Heat Output: 5kW Heat Output Range: 3.5 – 7.5kW
Maximum Efficiency: 82%
Energy Class: A+
Woodburning and Multi-fuel models
Clear or Tracery Door options
Ecodesign Plus
Convector design lowers distances to combustibles
Cleanburn & Airwash Systems
Removeable door handle
Cast iron and heavy-gauge steel construction
Closeable riddling grate (multi-fuel only)
Room Sealed (Integrated External Air Connection)
Suitable for 12mm hearths

Gazco Huntingdon 30 electric

Gazco Huntingdon 30 Electric Stove

The Gazco Huntingdon 30 electric stove has fine castings and a beautiful tracery door. With the use of Gazco’s VeriFlame technology, this stove is brought to life. Therefore providing you with two heat settings that can both be thermostatically controlled. These include three flame brightness levels. In addition you have the option for a blue flame effect on the high setting.

Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas

Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas Stove

The Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas stove is a popular model in the Gazco range. This stove combines refined styling with efficient heating technology.

The Huntingdon 30 gas stove is available  a  Matt Black. This authentic gas stove also features beautiful tracery windows, that frame the flame picture perfectly, giving great warmth and style to any interior.

Choose from either realistic log fuel effect, the latter sporting a glowing ember bed feature for the ultimate real fire ambiance. Both fuel effects are available in conventional flue versions, whilst the log effect is also available in a balanced flue model. The Huntingdon 30 gas stove comes with manual control or, for total ease and convenience, upgrade to one of Gazco’s command remote controls.

This model is available in two versions. Select from either a Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stove or a Huntingdon 30 electric stove.

KEY FACTS – Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas
Nominal Heat Output : 1.90 – 3.6kW
Gas Types : Natural Gas / LPG
Fuel effect : Logs
High Efficiency : Conventional Flue: 75% , Balanced Flue: 95.4%
Command Controls : Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable upgradeable

Huntingdon 30 Gas Stoves Dimensions