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Gazco Huntingdon 40 tracery door

Gazco Huntingdon 40 Gas Stove

The Gazco Huntingdon 40 gas stove is the largest model in the Gazco Huntingdon range. Therefore, this gas stove is perfectly at home in big open fireplaces or spacious interiors. With a powerful heat output of 5.4kW, it can quickly create a warming atmosphere. Thanks to its cutting edge gas stove technology, the Gazco Huntingdon maintains an exceptional efficiency of up to 84%.

In addition, the Huntingdon 40 is available in Matt Black.

KEY FACTS – Gazco Huntingdon 40 Gas Stove
Nominal Heat Output : 2.78- 5.50kW
Gas Types : Natural Gas / LPG
Fuel effect : Logs
High Efficiency Conventional Flue: 78% , Balanced Flue: 90.8%
Command Controls : Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Colour Choice : Matt Black.

Huntingdon 40 Gas Stoves Dimensions