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Bellfires Derby Large preminim fire

Bellfires Derby Large Insert

Bellfires Derby Large Insert
Contemporary square closed fireplace.

Contemporary front fireplace
Sleek lines, suitable for any interior
Several burner options
Polished or anti-reflective glass
Many different options and can be adapted to any style
From The Original Bell Series

Specifications for the Bellfires Derby Large Insert
Energy label: A
Fuel : Gas
Model : Build in
Fire view : Frontal fireplace
Power (kW) : 8.8 kW, 9.2 kW, 9,3 kW
Convection fan : NO
Smoke gas exit / air intake : Ø100-150mm of Ø130-200mm
Natural gas : YES
Propane : YES
Butane : YES

The Original Bell Series includes the Bellfires Topsham Small, the Bellfires Topsham Large, the Bellfires Derby Small, the Bellfires Derby Large, the Bellfires York Small and the Bellfires York Large.