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Jøtul F305 R B

Jøtul F305 B Woodburning Stove

 Description –

The horizontal design of the Jøtul F305 B makes it easy to place logs and provides a rapid heat transfer to the room. Integrated convection reduces the distance to combustible materials at the rear. With Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll, a stove has been created which merges 160 years of heating experience with a timeless design. The higher view of the fire means it can be seen from every angle in the room. The Jøtul F305 B sits on a solid base and offers the possibility to store wood below the wood firebox. The large door, which covers the ash solution, offers a great view to the fire. A set of cast iron convection sides can be added to reduce the distance to combustible walls.

– Large firebox with a modern design
– Short distance to combustible walls
– Unparalleled view to the flames

Stove Specifications –  
Height – 850 mm
Width – 560 mm
Depth – 395 mm
Weight – 163 kg
Long Size – up to 41 cm
Flue Outlet – Ø 150 mm
Flue Exit Options – Top/Rear
Min Output – 3.7 kw
Nom Output – 7.0 kw
Max Output – 10 kw
Efficiency – 79%
Heating Capacity – up to 145 m²
Heating Capacity Cubic – up to 250 m³
CO Emission – 0.06%
Dust Protect Emission – 85 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission – 64 mg/Nm³

Closed Combustion – Yes
External Air Intake – Yes
Ash Solution – Yes