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Jotul F233

Jotul F230 Series

New firing technology with Jotul F230 series

This wood-burning stove has simple, clean lines, which give it a timeless expression. Hareide Design has utilised the design-friendly properties of cast iron and designed a stove with a soft overall impression and great flame view. The Jotul F 230 series comes with or without side glass. The cool-to-touch handle is located on the top of the door. A magnetic door closure mechanism makes the heavy, solid door easy to close. This is a furnace with groundbreaking combustion technology, which allows for easy installation and retrofitting. Integrated supply air through the chimney makes the F 230 ideal for new, modern low energy houses built according to today’s requirements. The stove can be connected to an existing flue and standard steel flue without supply air.

Cool-to-touch handle that prevents burns
Ideal for modern low-energy houses
Pioneering firing technology

Specifications – Jotul F230 series
Height : 1,012 mm
Width : 471 mm
Depth : 399 mm
Weight : 129 kg
Log size : up to 33.00 cm
Flue outlet : Ø 150.00 mm
Flue exit options : Top / Rear
Min output: 3.0 kW
Nom output : 6.0 kW
Max output : 8.0 kW
Efficiency : 80%
Ecolabel : A+
Eco Design
Heating capacity : up to 114 m²
CO Emission : 0.06%
Dust Product Emission :21 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission : 81 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission : 43 mg/Nm³
Closed combustion : Yes
Clean burn : Yes
External air intake : Yes
Ash solution : Yes

The Jotul F232 comes without side glass and has simple , clean lines, which give it a timless expression.

The Jotul F233 comes with side glass and has a soft overall impression and great flame view.