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Nordpeis Orion Wood burning

Nordpeis Orion Wood burning Stove

Nordpeis Orion Wood burning stove has a 7kw output and features long elegant legs. With subtly cast designs on the side and a small brass handle, the Orion is uniquely different. The Orion has a useful hot plate. This can be used for boiling a kettle or cooking a stew. As a result, this is the perfect way to make the most of your stove. In addition, the Nordpeis Orion Wood burning will bring some traditional charm into your home.

Heat Output: 6.8kW
Efficiency: 73%
Flue outlet: Top, side or rear
Integral hotplate
Cleanburn System
Energy Efficiency Class: A+

Height: 625 mm
Width: 325 mm
Depth: 510 mm
Weight: 72 kg
Flue dimension: 125 mm
Log length: 30 cm
Minimum distance to combustibles: 600mm (rear) & 600mm (side)


Nordpeis Bergen

Nordpeis Bergen Woodburning Stove

The Nordpeis Bergen wood burning stove offers a fresh alternative for heating in today’s homes. They provide high efficiency and ‘modern traditional’ styling. This stove has an extremely powerful Airwash system therefore cleaning the large glass panel on the door. It provides assured of an excellent view of the fire. In addition, the Bergen provides a 5kw output. The Bergen is sturdily built from cast iron and heavy duty steel. In conclusion, the Bergen will provide many years of comfort and enjoyment. The Nordpeis Bergen is Available with External Air Supply.

Heat Output: 5kW
Efficiency: 84%
Flue outlet: Top or rear
Airwash & Cleanburn Systems
Steel and cast iron construction
Energy Efficiency Class: A+

Height: 650 mm
Width: 545 mm
Depth: 390 mm
Weight: 115 kg
Flue dimension: 150 mm
Log length: 40 cm
Minimum distance to combustibles: 200mm (rear) & 400mm (side)