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Element 4 sky small roomdiider

Element 4 Sky Small Roomdivider

Element 4 Sky Small Roomdivider
Real Flame Burner M
Natural gas G25 (min-max): 4,3 – 14,1 kW
Natural gas G20 (min-max): 4,6 – 15,7 kW
Propane G31 (min-max): 4,1 – 12,5 kW
Efficiency: 89%
Black steel : (Standard)
Black glass : (Optional)
Remote control : (Standard)
Puck : (Optional)
Operation via app : (Optional)
Connect to home automation : (Optional)
Powerfan : (Optional)
Anti-reflective glass : (Optional)
Access door : (Optional)
Convection grill(s) : (Optional)
Wall switch : (Optional)

With the Real Flame Burner you are assured of an extremely realistic fire image. In combination with the true-to-nature cleaved wood logs, this creates a beautiful wood fire.

Dimensions-Element 4 Sky Small Roomdivider