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Stuv 6-H (2)

Stûv 6-H Woodburning stove

The Stûv 6-H Woodburning stove is affordable and easy to install. With new options, the Stûv 6-H wood-burning stove gives as many people as possible access to a fireplace designed for small spaces and energy-efficient homes. Small in size, heating power and price, this stove proves to be great for its comfort and performance that respects the environment.

The Stûv 6 stoves and inserts, offer both an expended view of the fire and compactness, they can be easily installed in any type of interior. The Stûv 6-H Woodburning stove will give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution

Attractive, ecological and economical, those stoves and insets will make your fireplace useful, authentic and full of life.

The Stûv 6-H is available in three sizes:
Wide model: Stûv 6-H 80×80. Output between 5 and 13 kW
Intermediate model: Stûv 6-H 70×73. Output between 4,5 and 11 kW
Narrow model: Stûv 6-H 60×65. Output between 4 and 9 kW

Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding Contemporary Woodburning Stove

Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding Contemporary Woodburning Stove

The Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding stove is a clean line wood burning stove. It has an 8kW output and a log length of 300mm. Therefore, this stove is suitable for a variety of homes. The Studio freestanding stoves can be fitted with different bench sizes. For instance, these sizes cater for a stand alone install or placed on a low base for a fireplace opening.

KEY FACTS – Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding Contemporary Woodburning Stove
Brand Stovax
Ecodesign Ready
High efficiency up to 80%
Wood burning
Boost setting for lighting and re-fueling
Removable steel and TCL baffles
TCL firebox lining
Radiant heat and convected heat
Optional warm air ducting system
Top flue connection Internal Ø – 153mm (6”)
Optional black glass top plate
Optional decorative black flue ring cover
Decorative square section flue cover 15 x 1800 x 212mm (wxhxd)
Optional Heat Shield kit*
Stove bench compatible
*Available when fitted to a Riva Bench.

Width : 1000mm
Height : 504mm
Depth : 380mm
Weight : 120kg
Nominal Heat Output & Range : 8.0kW (2.8-11.kW)
Maximum log length : 400mm (16”)
Energy Efficiency Class : A

Rocal Born Wood Burning

Rocal Born Wood Burning Fireplace

The Rocal Born Wood Burning fireplace is a triangle-shaped, central fireplace. Its three sides each offer a great view of the wood burning fire, making it an incredibly transparent fire with modern, up-to-date, simple lines. It is now Ecodesign 2022 ready.
The Born has an average 12kW output with a max of 18kW. The Born also comes with an external air supply and there is an optional revolving base plate.

Nordpeis Quadro 1 Woodburning Stove

Nordpeis Quadro 1 Woodburning Stove

The Nordpeis Quadro 1 has superb styling and an angular glass window. This window dramatically wraps around two sides of the wood burning stove. The Quadro 1 can be enjoyed from all aspects of the room. This distinctive wood burning stove has a heat output of up to 6.2kW. The Nordpeis Quadro 1 is suitable for either a top or rear flue installations, also available with External Air Supply. Quadro 1T, Quadro 2 & 2T, & Quadro 3 & 3T also available.

Heat Output: 6.2 kW
Efficiency: 80%
Flue Outlet: Top or rear
Option to install against a wall: ✓
Airwash & Cleanburn Systems: ✓
Optional External Air Kit: ✓
Energy Efficiency Class: A+

Height: 1205 mm
Width: 545 mm
Depth: 440 mm
Weight: 104 kg
Flue dimension: 150 mm
Log length: 30 cm
Minimum distance to combustibles: 200mm (rear) & 400mm (side)

Jøtul F305 R B

Jøtul F305 B Woodburning Stove

 Description –

The horizontal design of the Jøtul F305 B makes it easy to place logs and provides a rapid heat transfer to the room. Integrated convection reduces the distance to combustible materials at the rear. With Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll, a stove has been created which merges 160 years of heating experience with a timeless design. The higher view of the fire means it can be seen from every angle in the room. The Jøtul F305 B sits on a solid base and offers the possibility to store wood below the wood firebox. The large door, which covers the ash solution, offers a great view to the fire. A set of cast iron convection sides can be added to reduce the distance to combustible walls.

– Large firebox with a modern design
– Short distance to combustible walls
– Unparalleled view to the flames

Stove Specifications –  
Height – 850 mm
Width – 560 mm
Depth – 395 mm
Weight – 163 kg
Long Size – up to 41 cm
Flue Outlet – Ø 150 mm
Flue Exit Options – Top/Rear
Min Output – 3.7 kw
Nom Output – 7.0 kw
Max Output – 10 kw
Efficiency – 79%
Heating Capacity – up to 145 m²
Heating Capacity Cubic – up to 250 m³
CO Emission – 0.06%
Dust Protect Emission – 85 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission – 64 mg/Nm³

Closed Combustion – Yes
External Air Intake – Yes
Ash Solution – Yes

Contura 320T Wood Burning Stove

Contura 320T Wood Burning Stove

The Contura 320T has a Soapstone exterior which is excellent for retaining heat. The generous glass pane in the cast iron door gives a superb view of the fire. The handle remains comfortably cool. The storage drawer is an optional extra.
The Contura 320T has a 7kW output and comes with an external air supply.

Charnwood Skye Woodburning Stove

Charnwood Skye Woodburning Stove

The Charnwood Skye Woodburning Stove is an exceptionally clean stove. It is available as either a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, designed and manufactured on the Isle of Wight.

The Charnwood Skye is a new state-of-the-art stove with a remarkably efficient combustion system. It’s innovative burn technology ensures efficiencies of up to 86%. This exceeds the new Eco Design standards and Defra exemption limits. Therefore, wood is allowed to be burnt cleanly in smoke control areas. As thoughtful in style as it is in function, the Skye has a refreshing design aesthetic. For instance, it is classically minimal with landscape proportions and a soft modern edge. 2 sizes available -Skye 5 and Skye 7

Skye 5
5kW to room (range 2-7kW)
86% Wood, 82% Solid Fuel
Top or Rear 125mm (5”) dia
350mm (13.5”)
135KG Low, 155KG Store Stand
Side: 300mm Rear: 270mm With heat shield – Side: 300mm Rear: 90mm

Skye 7
7kW to room (range 5-11kW)
80% Wood, 81% Solid Fuel
Top or Rear 150mm (6”) dia
410mm (16”)
157KG Low, 177KG Store Stand
Side: 350mm Rear: 100mm

Stovax Vogue Midi Wood burning Stove with Store Base

Stovax Vogue Midi Wood burning Stove with Store Base

Stovax Vogue Midi Wood burning Stove with Store Base features a large window. This provides an uninterrupted view of the impressive flame picture. The Vogue Midi is one of the latest contemporary wood burning stoves to join the Stovax range. In addition, this stove contains  advanced Cleanburn triple air injection system. This ensures that the flames fill the firebox whilst keeping the viewing glass clear to enjoy a fuller flame picture. Moreover, the highly efficient combustion process produces a nominal 5kW heat output. This provides you with ample warmth whilst realising the fuel’s full potential.

The stoves available in this range are the Stovax –
Vogue Small, Vogue Midi, Vogue Medium,
Vogue Small T, Vogue Midi T, Vogue Midi T Wall Hung, Vogue Midi T Highline, Vogue Slimline

Ecodesign Plus
High efficiency up to 78%
Cleanburn & Airwash
Integrated cast iron top plate
Optional external air kit
Optional Plinth base
Optional Midline wood store base
Nominal heat output and range 5kW (2.5-7kW)
Maximum log length 13″ (330mm)
Flue outlet 5″ top or rear
Room vent not normally required
Stove bench compatible

Vogue Midi – Width 416mm, Height 537mm, Depth 359mm, Energy Efficiency Class A

Vogue Midi Plinth – Width 416mm, Height 637mm, Depth 359mm, Energy Efficiency Class A

Vogue Midi with Optional Midline Log Store Base – Width 416mm, Height 786mm, Depth 359mm, Energy Efficiency Class A