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Rais Bionic Fire

The Rais Bionic Fire is a newly designed stove, which makes it possible to be the very environmentally cautious owner of a wood-burning stove. The combustion is so efficient the smoke contains an absolute minimum of unburned residual particulates. This is due to the double combustion chambers, in which post-combustion takes place in the bottom chamber. The Rais Bionic Fire has a 3-5.5kw output.
Furthermore, Bionic Fire has automated air regulation. This means you no longer have to worry about whether you fire the stove properly. Rais call this CleverAir. This high-tech stove keeps up with the modern user who chooses with the heart and the brain. The streamlined, organic shape underlines the advantages of Bionic Fire.

The Morso 2110

Morsø 2110 Panther Multi-fuel Stove

This cast-iron stove is spacious and effective. It is a true representative of the proud Morso tradition. The Morso 2110 has an extra wide combustion chamber, allowing the use of large-sized fuel.
At the same time, the width of the doors facilitate large glass windows, allowing you to gaze at the slow crackling fire.

Charnwood Island 1

Charnwood Island 1 Stove

The Charnwood Island 1 is the smallest stove in the Island collection. Its uncomplicated looks and gentle curves ensure it sits well in any situation be it modern or traditional. The Island 1 delivers a heat output of between 2-7 kw and can also take up to a 37cm log length. The Island 1 comes with 3 base options and a choice of eight matt colour options.