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Stuv 6-45x55

STÛV 6-IN 46X55

STÛV 6-IN 46X55
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Boasting both a wide view of the fire and a compact frame, the Stûv 6 wood-burning insert can easily be installed in any kind of chimney.
To replace an older insert, or to give your hearth some meaning, the Stûv 6 will give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution.
Attractive, ecological and economical, this insert will make your fireplace useful, authentic and full of life: the essential fire.

With its high level of efficiency and incredibly low fine particle emissions, the Stûv 6 performs better than the requirements stipulated by the Ecodesign standard for 2022. Replacing your old insert with a Stûv 6 means using half the wood and dividing the quantity of pollution produced by 25. For the same amount of heat, and a more enjoyable experience.
Stuv6 Performance

There are four finishings available:
1 – Thin overhanging frame: allows you to reduce the depth of the housing to 35cm (including fan)
2 – Thin frame
3 – Applied frame 4 sides: covers the material that makes up the partition all the way around. Made up of 2 elements that fit inside each other, you can adjust the depth according to the
4 – Applied frame 3 sides: offers the same benefits as the 4-sided frame, but with the option of having a base.

The Stûv 6-in is available in 7 sizes:
• Stûv 6-in 46×55: Width 46cm x height 55cm – output between 4 and 7 kW
• Or Stûv 6-in 56×50: Width 56cm x height 50cm – output between 4 and 8 kW
• Stûv 6-in 66×50: Width 66cm x height 50cm – output between 5 and 9 kW
• Or Stûv 6-in 66×55: Width 66cm x height 55cm – output between 5 and 9 kW
• Stûv 6-in 76×55: Width 76cm x height 55cm – output between 6 and 10 kW
• OR Stûv 6-in 76×60: Width 76cm x height 60cm – output between 7 and 11 kW
• Stûv 6-in 86×60: Width 86cm x height 60cm – output between 8 and 13 kW

Stuv 6-H (2)

Stûv 6-H Woodburning stove

The Stûv 6-H Woodburning stove is affordable and easy to install. With new options, the Stûv 6-H wood-burning stove gives as many people as possible access to a fireplace designed for small spaces and energy-efficient homes. Small in size, heating power and price, this stove proves to be great for its comfort and performance that respects the environment.

The Stûv 6 stoves and inserts, offer both an expended view of the fire and compactness, they can be easily installed in any type of interior. The Stûv 6-H Woodburning stove will give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution

Attractive, ecological and economical, those stoves and insets will make your fireplace useful, authentic and full of life.

The Stûv 6-H is available in three sizes:
Wide model: Stûv 6-H 80×80. Output between 5 and 13 kW
Intermediate model: Stûv 6-H 70×73. Output between 4,5 and 11 kW
Narrow model: Stûv 6-H 60×65. Output between 4 and 9 kW

Stuv 16-in

Stuv 16-in Woodburning Insert Stove

The Stuv 16-in insert wood burning fire delivers an impressive combustion and high efficiency ideal for heating your home. The Stuv 16-in comes in three sizes, ranging from an 8 kW to 10 kW heat output.

A narrow frame to cover up the stonework, a frame attached to hide the outline of the recess or a frame to be customised with the decorative elements of your choice. Available in three sizes. Can use air ducting or choose the optional fan.

The Stûv 16 is fitted with a hinged door which only allows the fire to be refuelled. The Stûv operates only with the door closed.

The stove is available in 3 widths:
– Narrow model (Stûv 16/58) for 33 cm logs maximum
– Intermediate model (Stûv 16/68) for 50 cm logs maximum
– Wide model (Stûv 16/78) for 60 cm logs maximum

3 frames to customise your stove:
1. – Narrow frame to hide the thickness of the stonework
2. – Frame applied to hide the outline of the recess
3. – Frame to be customised with your choice of decorative elements

The frame D4 increases the presence of the fireplace by giving it a 16/9 format and makes it possible to integrate a wood niche.
+ Available for the 58cm, 68cm and 78cm fireplaces.
+ Version with wood niche left or right.
+ Log holder included in the niche.

Damper beneath the stove: a single control to adjust the 3 air supplies.
Double combustion: optimises the combustion of the wood and reduces the production of ash.