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Rais Visio 70 RC Gas Fire

Rais Visio 70 RC Gas fire

The RAIS Visio 70 RC is the smallest of the corner models with glass on the right side. By incorporating this glass fireplace into a corner, you create a cosy gathering spot where you can enjoy the flames from two sides. The gas fireplace has incredibly authentic and natural-looking flames. You can easily control these flames by remote control or by your phone/tablet.

The Visio 70 RC model comes with a black or stainless steel frame.

Connects to natural gas, city gas, LPG or biogas.

Models in this series include the Rais Visio 70/43/39LC/ RC Corner, the Rais Visio 90/55/39LC/ RC Corner and the Rais Visio 160/45/39LC/ Rc Corner.

Dimensions (W-D-H)
External dimensions in mm: 826 x 538 x 684
Installation dimensions: 769,5 x 489 x 405
Outer frame dimensions in mm: 769,5 x 489 x 405
Flue outlet (diameter): Ø100 / Ø150
Outer diameter gas connection: Ø8

Natural gas: 1,9 – 8,8
Propane: 1,8 – 8
Efficiency in %: 91
Weight in kg: 100

Distance to flammable material
To the ceiling in mm: 1000
To the floor in mm: 150
Distance from flammable materials to glass in mm: 500