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Panorama 45-45 Wall Mounted

Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 45/45 Wall Mounted Stove

BOX gas Panorama 45/45 Wall Mounted Stove. The BOX Gas stands out because of its simplicity; the dancing flames form the focal point.

-Maximum view of the fire, from three sides
-Suspended, freestanding or on a plateau
-Cool and minimalist
-Perfect combustion and high output.

Energy label: A
Fuel : Gas
Model : Free standing
Fire view : 3-sided fireplace
Power (kW) : 5,5 kW
Convection fan : NO
Smoke gas exit / air intake L Ø100-150mm
Natural gas : YES
Propane : YES
Butane : YES

Models in this series include the Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 45/45, the  Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 45/59 and the Bellfires Box Gas Panorama 73/52.