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Charnwooed Aire 5

Charnwood Aire 5

The Charnwood Aire 5 is a revolutionary new wood burning stove. Designed to maximise the view of the fire, the minimal styling of the Aire fits comfortably into virtually any fireside situation whether it be freestanding or within a traditional fireplace.

5kW to room (range 2-7kW)
Top or Rear 150mm (6”) dia
300mm (12”)
117KG Low, 132KG Store Stand
Side: 350mm Rear: 350mm With heat shield – Side: 350mm Rear: 100mm


Contura 310G Wood Burning

Contura 310G Wood Burning Stove

Contura 310G Wood Burning Stove shown with black glass door.

The Contura 310G has an output of 7kW as well as an A energy classification. There’s a choice of three matching log boxes, a drawer and other smart accessories. The stoves in the C300 range take logs up to 50 cm in length.

Stylish Glass Door                                                                                                                                    The generous glass door frames your fire beautifully. The door strikes a modern note and opens easily with a handle that doesn’t get hot. The Contura 310G is available in black or white and can be combined with matching, freestanding log storage.

Height: 850 mm Width: 750 mm Depth: 375 mm.

Contura 320T Wood Burning Stove

Contura 320T Wood Burning Stove

The Contura 320T has a Soapstone exterior which is excellent for retaining heat. The generous glass pane in the cast iron door gives a superb view of the fire. The handle remains comfortably cool. The storage drawer is an optional extra.
The Contura 320T has a 7kW output and comes with an external air supply.

Stovax Vogue Medium Wood Burning Stove

Stovax Vogue Medium Wood Burning Stove

The Stovax Vogue Medium Wood Burning Stove provides an impressive 7kW of heat. Therefore, it is a great choice for larger living spaces. With an expansive stove window which features self-cleaning Airwash technology, the Medium’s superb flame visuals provide a captivating focal point. Featuring the very latest combustion technology, this eco-friendly, wood burning stove burns very cleanly. It is therefore compliant with Ecodesign Plus standards.
The Stovax Vogue Medium is available with Plinth or Midline log store base options. You can install this modern-traditional wood burning stove into either a fireplace opening or placed freestanding against a wall. The Vogue Medium is also compatible with our range of stove benches for an alternative but eye-catching installation. Now available in multi-fuel.

The stoves available in this range are the Stovax –
Vogue Small, Vogue Midi, Vogue Medium,
Vogue Small T, Vogue Midi T, Vogue Midi T Wall Hung, Vogue Midi T Highline, Vogue Slimline,

Ecodesign Plus
Efficiency :  Up to 80% efficiency*
Nominal Heat Output and Range : WB: 7.8kW, MF: 8.2kW (when burning smokeless fuels)
Cleanburn & Airwash
Integral cast iron top plate
Optional Midline wood store base
Optional Plinth base
Optional external air kit
Maximum Log Length :  430mm or 17″
Flue outlet :  6” top or rear
Stove bench compatible

Size Vogue Medium
Width 525mm
Height 624mm
Depth 384mm
Energy Efficiency Class A

Size Vogue Medium Plinth
Width 525mm
Height 724mm
Depth 384mm
Energy Efficiency Class A

Size Vogue Medium with Opional Midline Base
Width 525mm
Height 873mm
Depth 384mm
Energy Efficiency Class A

Vogue Medium Dimensions

Jøtul F 105 B

Jøtul F 105 B Wood Burning Stove

Description – 

The Jøtul F 105-series has a confident and friendly character. In spite of its size the Jøtul F 105 B is a wood stove that stands out from the rest. Some of the distinctive design elements of this wood stove include the large horizontal glass door, which offers a great view to the fire and the intuitive air control that make it very user friendly. The wood stove is available on traditional legs or on a base. A soapstone top can be fitted as an optional accessory.

The Jøtul F 105 B is designed to perform efficiency at low burn rates, while being robust enough to fend off cold snaps. Jøtul F 105 is adapted for low energy homes. Approved for Class 1 means the wood stove is able to burn clean at lower efficiency than for Class 2. Class 1 products burns clean at lowest wood consumption below 0.8 kg / per hour, while Class 2 products burns clean with lowest wood consumption under 1.25 kg / per hour.

  • Woodstove approved for Class 1
  • Suitable for low effect heating, burns optimally from 2,2 kW

Stove Specifications – 

Height – 690 mm
Width – 410 mm
Depth – 325 mm
Weight – 107 kg
Log size – up to 33.00 cm
Flue outlet – Ø 125.00 mm
Flue exit options – Top / Rear
Min output
2.4 kW
Nom output – 4.5 kW
Efficiency – 83%
Heating capacity – up to 86 m²
Heating capacity cubic – up to 200 m³
CO Emission – 0.09%
Dust Product Emission – 7 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission – 99 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission – 76 mg/Nm³

Closed combustion – Yes
Clean burn – Yes
External air intake – Yes
Ash solution – Yes

Dovre Vintage 50

Dovre Vintage 50 Wood Burning Stove

The Dovre Vintage 50 is the largest wood burning stove in the Dovre Vintage range. Consequently, it has a wide, landscape window through which to enjoy the captivating, rolling flames. This is created by Dovre’s Cleanburn system. Made from cast iron, this stove is highly efficient and suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. Therefore it is the perfect solution for those in urban places.
With 9kW of heating power, the Vintage 50 has the capacity to heat large rooms with ease.

Contura 510

Contura 510 Cast Iron Door Wood burning Stove

The Contura 510 Cast Iron Door Wood burning Stove has a 5 kW nominal (Average) output. The large glass door spreads the light and heat around the room. In addition, the new handles do not get hot and are integrated into the front of the stove.

Charnwood Bembridge Wood Burning

Charnwood Bembridge Wood Burning Stove

The new Charnwood Bembridge Wood Burning Stove is an exciting new collaboration between Country Living Magazine and Charnwood. The Bembridge is a 5kW wood burning stove designed specifically with Country Living’s target audience in mind. Based on the C-Five proportions, the Bembridge gives a nod towards the traditional. In addition, it engages the trend for the decorative yet still retains a modern yet classical look. An optional store stand, reciprocating grate and heat shield is available. The Charnwood Bembridge Wood Burning Stove comes in a choice of just five colours: Black, Almond, Gunmetal and two exclusive new signature Country Living Shades – Soft Green and French Grey.