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Gazco Sheraton 5 electric freestanding fire with Grafton Limestone mantel

Gazco Sheraton 5 Electric Stove

The Gazco Sheraton 5 Electric stove brings style, elegance, and remarkably realistic flame visuals to any interior. The Sheraton contains cast iron bevelling and cornicing to the door, top plate as well as the base. As a result, this electric stove has a classic but timeless appearance. In conclusion, this stove will suit modern and traditional settings alike.

The Sheraton 5 Freestanding Electric Stove pairs classic aesthetics with our Chromalight® Immersive LED flame effects. This provides strikingly realistic visuals. In addition, various different flame effects and fuel bed up-lighting colours create a captivating display. This is showcased through the stove’s expansive window.

The Gazco Sheraton 5 Electric Stove comes supplied with our Thermostatic Eco Remote. Therefore, you have complete control over the stove’s visual settings, ambient heating function and various energy saving features.

Moreover, the Sheraton 5 is available in gas, wood burning and multi-fuel models.

Key Facts

        • Heat Output range of 0.75 kW to 1.5 kW
        • Ambient heating
        • Chromalight Immersive LED system
        • Three different flame options: Amber, Blue and Amber with Blue Accent
        • Flames and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without the heat
        • 14 Different fuel bed lighting settings
        • You have a choice of fuel effects which can be mixed and matched
        • Thermostatic remote control for ambient heating
        • Open window detection

Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas

Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove

The Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove combines the traditional aesthetic of a wood burner with the convenience of a gas stove. Beautifully designed, the Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove features cast iron bevelling and cornicing to the door, top plate and base. This provides a quality you can appreciate even when your gas stove is not in use.

Beneath the carefully crafted exterior of this Sheraton 5, our latest high efficiency gas flame technology offers an authentic display. Richly detailed logs and ceramic stones create the appearance of burning embers. This creates the look of a realistic wood burning fire.

The Sheraton’s firebox lining contains our EchoFlameTM Black Glass Lining to enhance the visual depth and clarity. This is created by flames being reflected on the interior panelling to increase the viewing angles of your fire.

Manufactured with the latest of gas fire innovation, the Sheraton 5 gas stove has a fully-sequential thermostatic control system. This allows you to ignite your gas stove in a matter of seconds. In addition, it provides the ability to fully master and adjust flame height with the touch of a button.

Designed for two models, the Conventional flue and the Balanced flue. This stove is accessible even if you don’t have a chimney in your home. The Sheraton 5 Gas Stove provides you with the option of using either LPG and NG.

The Sheraton 5 is also available as wood burning and multi-fuel models.

High Efficiency CF: 76%
BF: 90.6%
Energy Efficiency Class CF*: D / BF**: B
Heat output: up to 4.0kW
Gas type: Natural Gas and LPG
EchoFlame Black Glass lining
Fully-sequential thermostatic Remote Control
Conventional and balanced flue models